PJ Cabrera - 2005-09-21

PSP Lua on the Spotlight

Shine and Nevyn, developers of the Lua Player for the PSP, are going to be making a speech at the O'Reilly European Open Source Convention this October 19th. Entitled "Easy Game Console Hacking: An introduction to Lua Player on the PSP," it will go over the ways Lua player is made possible, how abstraction is important, and how to make your own programs in Lua.

From the O'reilly website:

"Lua Player makes hacking together a game for the Sony PSP as easy as that BASIC script you cobbled together on your first computer. This talk will go through how LuaPlayer is made possible using only open source tools, why its abstraction is important, and how you can write for it, too."

You can read more about it on the O'reilly website here.


Very good news guys, the more that know the better! :-)