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This is the Frequently Asked Questions Page of the Wiki. This SHOULD answer any questions you have about Snake-Ball. If you got an Error Box with a code like: [SBW: 0x01EE2]
This Is not the Place you Should Be, You Should Go To: [Errors].

Q: Why am I installing in to this funny folder instead of Program Files?
A: I chose Application Data for 2 reasons: 1: it is called Application Data, and 2: Application is universal through 32-bit and 64-bit OS's. Meaning it doesn't change. You can actually Go To Start -> Run and Type %appdata% and It will take you to the same place on another machine that is/isn't 64-bit!

Q: What in the world is "Profile Mouse"?

A: It is the application used by you, the user, to access the Snake Ball profile without having to go find the profile in Windows, then figure out how to open it.

Q: I am looking at Profile Mouse, What is the "Soundtrack Key"?

A: The Soundtrack Key is a Key you use to get the soundtrack for the Snake Ball Website (FREE OF CHARGE), it simply proves that you downloaded and installed Snake Ball.

Q: Snake Ball seem to have broken artwork, Is that supposed to happen?
A: There seems to be a bug in my PNG loader that causes this. I am currently fixing the issue.

Q: I am playing Snake Ball, and I can't control which way he goes!
A: That is because I haven't made it so you can move the snake yet. I will make it there, I just need to get everything else working first. You know, one step at a time.

Q: The Text in Snake Ball Seems to be broken!!! Is that My FAULT!?!?!
A: No, That is mine actually! You didn't do anything bad. The code that makes the text appear on the screen is kinda flimsy on my end. A little bit of time, and it WILL be fixed!

Q: I'm playing Snake Ball in fullscreen, and it runs SO SLOW!!!!!

A: That Is because of certain issues and bugs in the code I still have to find, I will hopefully fix that in time. You can look at the "?" to see if that does the trick!

Q: Is there a Way to I can Play online with other people?
A: Now, I know online play-ability is a big thing, but it really isn't my bag. So, not for now. Maybe when Snake Ball is all done, I'll add a little online thing for you guys to compete against each other!

Q: What is the projected FULL release data for Snake Ball?
A: Snake Ball will hopefully be fully released on May 10th.

? --- Some new Dell Laptops use something called Optimus by NVidia. If you have recently bought a Dell XPS, you probably have this. Try Right-Clicking the Desktop, then Selecting
NVIDIA Control Panel. Then go to Manage 3D Settings, Click the "Program Settings" TAB, Then Select Snake Ball from the List (IF it isn't in the list, add it). Then from there, change:
"Select the preferred graphics processor for this program: " To "High-Performance NVIDIA Processor".

That should do it!


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