The progress bar and other issues

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I think the progress bar should be more tall because it is very diffcult to hit it in the vertical direction. I do not understand what is "Portable media library" and i just use the "Media Library".
    When i was using 2003 server, in the system tray the "previous" icon was the last one, it doesn't make any sense. (By the way, "Forward" was the first!)

    • Tom Wilkason

      Tom Wilkason - 2005-08-13

      Re. the progress bar size
      The change the size you will have to edit your snackAmpHotKeys.tcl file (which should be in your snackAmp folder within the documents and settings folder for that user). Add the following line:
      $::SA.panel.stat.ts configure -width 10
      Where the last number represents the height of the slider in pixels. 5 is the default, 10 will double it in size (I could later make this a setting)

      Re.Portable media library, this is for ipod like devices that contain music files. When you add a folder as a connected device, you have the option in the media manger menus to copy files to the connected device. Ignore if you don't have any need for it.

      Re. The tray icons, look in the preferences dialog under User Interface near the bottom. You can select which icons to show and what functions they perform.

      Hope this helps.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes,  but I use Snackamp and persons around me have told that the height of progress bar was a good reason to not use this mp3 player.
      Yes, I will ignore portable media library.
      IN the user preferences, I can choose the icons that appear, but i can not choose to put the previous before the next icon.

      • Tom Wilkason

        Tom Wilkason - 2005-09-19

        Both of these issues should be resolved in the latest beta versions. The slider size can be adjusted in preferences. The icons should be drawn in the correct order on both WinXP and Win2K.


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