Invalid Namespace?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Before I post my question, I have to say that this app is a life saver it is incredible.

    Why do I get "Invalid Namespace" on some of the application's fucntionality. One example is when I try to get package name from an entry within the Execution History.


    Jose Morató
    11th Judicial Circuit of Florida
    Miami, FL

    • Roger

      Roger - 2007-10-10

      Hi Jose

      To get the Package-Name in the execution history, you have to define the Primary SMS Server and SiteCode  ("Get PkgName Options:" in the Navigation Pane).
      This function requires access to the SMS Package class on the defined SMS Server...



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks Roger - I had not noticed the "GetPkgName Options" area. It works now...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi there,
      i have the same problem....when i try to start any of the functions i receive the error "invalid namespace".

      I have defined the Primary SMS Server and SiteCode in "Get PkgName Options:" in the Navigation Pane, but the
      error still exists.

      If have installed the client on a workstation and i am logged in with an admin account which have the needed
      rights for connecting to the SMS Server...are the any other things i must configure??

      Many thanks for your efforts...

      Grettings Jan

      • Roger

        Roger - 2008-01-09

        You get the error "invalid namespace" on any functions ?  Does the Client, which you have connected, have an SMS Agent Installed ? Does the Client working propperly (Maybe the Service exists, but the Client/WMI is corrupted ...)? Are you using SMS2003 or SCCM ?

        Or do you get the error only if you want to get the package name in the execution history ?



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I get the error on any function! If have only the following SMS Services which are correctly started: "SMS Client Service", "SMS Hardware Inventory Agent Service", "SMS Remote Control Agent". I already have repaired the WMI and the SMS Client.

      I am using SMS 2003....but maybe it is my the client center only working with the advanced client??


      Regards Jan

      • Roger

        Roger - 2008-01-10

        Yes, it does NOT support the SMS2003 legacy client and the OS should be WindowsXP/Server2003 or Vista...



  • Robert Green

    Robert Green - 2010-07-01

    what if you only get the error when trying to get the assigned advertisements?
    i can get the execution history and several other machines have worked completely fine.

  • Anonymous - 2012-01-24

    I know this thread hasn't been posted to in a while, but I have had 100% success in avoiding this error when I 1st turn the FW off on the remote system, before connecting, and it appears only XP and 2003 is the offenders.


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