red highlight in Advertisements

  • Bob

    Bob - 2010-11-03


    I've been trying to find out what it means when an advertisement is highlighted in red.  It may be orange; I have a hard time with some colors.

    I connect to a computer, click on Advertisements, then Show Adv.  One of the advertisements is highlighted.  It is an advertisement for a program that runs every 3 hours.  I have other advertisements that run every 2 hours, so it isn't that it is recurring.  And the advertisement runs because the program produces a log file correctly.

    I think I remember seeing a green highlight as well some months ago, but since it was green I didn't investigate.  I thought with a red highlight I should probably see what was up. :)

    Is there a place that lists the color codes somewhere?


  • Roger

    Roger - 2010-11-04

    I can't remeber that that I have implemented a green highlighted Advertisement… :-)

    White (Normal): Machine Adertisemenets that are not visible for to user (Run Advertised Programs)

    Yellow Bold: Machine Advertisements that are visible for a user in Run Advertised Programs

    Salmon: Machine Advertisements taht are running only when a user is logged on -> or running with user credentials..



  • MyndTwyster

    MyndTwyster - 2011-04-29

    Heya', Roger.  I haven't seen a highlighted green advertisement, but I often see advertisements with green-colored, italicized fonts.  They're usually duplicately named advertisements, but with different ID #'s, and neither will run.  The only way I've found to get rid of them is to uninstall / re-install the client.



  • MyndTwyster

    MyndTwyster - 2011-04-29

    These entries appear to be old advertisements that are no longer valid but are rather "ghosts" in the system.  I cannot find their reported advertisement ID # being advertised to any collection.

  • Roger

    Roger - 2011-05-02

    The green-colored, italiciezed Advertisements are part of a Task-Sequence. This Feature was implemented with SVN Revision 434 (19. Februar 2011). Compare the AdvertismentID with the ID's of your Task-Sequences…


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