External tools missing v2.0.4.0

Rick Shaw
  • Rick Shaw

    Rick Shaw - 2011-12-29

    I am running Windows 7 64-bit. I downloaded and installed version of the SCCM Client Center but the commands under the external tool menu item are missing. Is there a way to enable or add them back? Can we add new ones? Also under Agent Actions, on the Install/Repair tab, the Repair WMI button is greyed out. How can I fix this? I checked to see that the file WMIRepair.exe was installed. Does it need to be moved to a different location or the config file changed to point to a different location? Finally under Running Executions, SMS/SCCM Jobs, when you click Show Running Jobs, nothing shows up. I dont know if this is intentional but two folders, Download Info and Execution Requests, would appear to at least let you know it was working even if there was nothing going on. Sorry for the long text but I'm a heavy user and fan of the program.

  • Roger

    Roger - 2011-12-29

    You need to download and install the x64 Version of Client Center !
    "Show Running Jobs" will only show items if jobs are running or in the queue… older versions of Client Center did show the two folders all times.

    I look forward to publish the version in the next couple of days… It contains fixes and some improvements.




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