Security Patch State (missing updates)

  • Irishbug

    Irishbug - 2012-03-16

    Hi Guys,

    I love the tool, but Ive run into a strange issue occasionally. If you select the Inventory Actions tab on the left side, then select the Security Patch State tab at the top, then click "show approved patches" once in a great while, Ill have an XP machine list only 13 or 14 updates as being installed, or missing for that matter. That number is normally much higher than that. Its like it doesnt see the updates even though they are installed. Does anyone know what might be going on with that? Im using the latest version and I just cant figure out why it does that. Is it the OS or is it the tool? We basically have to -reimage the device when that occurs because its getting flagged as missing too many updates.

  • Baron681

    Baron681 - 2012-07-03

    Hey Irishbug,

    In our environment when I come across an XP machine with these symptoms there are only a few things that have worked before having to resort to reimaging.

    On some XP machines I've been able to fix it by forcing an install of  the latest Windows Update Agent.

    On others our techs have reported that reinstalling/repairing Service Pack 3 has cleared this up.

    Sometimes the only remedy is a reimage though.

    If you come across these symptoms with a Win 7 machine take a look at the registry size limit. Some programs, GIS in our environment, set a size limit to the registry when installed on Win 7 machines. We have to go in and set it back to max in order for all of the approved patches to start being recognized.


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