Haraldsh - 2011-08-15

I'm curious to know how you manage to avoid the credentials dialog when clicking on the "Open Agent Log Folder". I cannot see from the source code how you initialize the network connection or the user under startup. The only thing I'm sure of, at least sort of, is that it has something to with the ConnectIPC method in the CCMSetup class under smsclictr.automation project.

When I input a hostname, username and a password, in the method, the wNetAddConnection3 method returns 0, which is regarded as a success. However I still have to input my admin credentials when accessing the \\<computername\c$\ path, eventhough the program has been started as an admin. The question is wheter the ConnectIPC method is run at all, since it depends on wheter the tsmi_IntegratedAuthentication is selected or not. If the integratedAuthentication is selected then the method doesn't run at all. However, I cannot see that the tsmi_IntegratedAuthentication is used in an initialization.

I'm not sure how your code works since I cannot debug it due to copyright and lisence restrictions on some of the classes.