visual studio version

  • Anonymous - 2013-04-29

    What version of Visual Studio are you running? I've checked out the project, but it won't import the sln for me. I was going to tinker with some tools menu options, and get rid of that about box (for me).. ugh.

  • Roger

    Roger - 2013-04-30

    VS2010 (C#)… remember, you have to add some dependent references and without an Eyefinder license, you can only edit code and not the UI (recompiling is possible without a license).
    There is also another Option to get rid of the about box:  Make a Donation and you will get a license code for the "Extended" Version ;-)

  • Anonymous - 2013-05-02

    Thanks! I'll see if I cant get it working. I was going to try and add a remote command prompt under tools using PSEXEC. Also, I just made a donation. Least I could do. This software is a priceless addon to sccm.


  • Anonymous - 2013-05-02

    Was I supposed to be redirected to a download or something? Because if so, I was not. :)


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