Jason Dennis - 2013-05-30

Hi guys, does anyone know how SCCM Client Ctr is (supposed to be), parsing credentials when trying to call various tools via the Tools Menu? ie. Regedit etc...

I am actively stress testing the tool at the moment within my workplace, to see what it is capable of and love what I see so far by the way. Great work guys!

I have a scenario whereby, some tools (namely Regedit and Explore shares), are not being called successfully, due to either "our" AD Policy/security permissions or .Net based security permissions etc...

Regedit - the remote PC's name is never parsed across to Regedit, only regedit is launched.

Tools Explore Shares...
Error: "Access denied. Win32Exception .Net" for example.

The same tools work successfully natively via the respective tool directly. ie. Regedit File Connect Network Registry.

I use 3 different AD Domains (2 of which the tool works as expected - no errors/issues). Therefore, there is absolutely no problem with the functionality/capability of the tool either. However, one domain is producing all the errors above. Yes, this is the Production Domain that is failing and the most important for using the tool (even during testing).

Any suggestions developer(s)?


P.S. Haven't worked out the easiest way to include an attachment/screen shot yet :(