Feature request

  • Edi

    Edi - 2011-11-22


    for security reasons we changed the default c$ share to another name and other share permissions. Some of the functions the SCCM Client Center offers rely on the existence of the default share name I would appreciate a version, were you could specify the name of the share.

    best regards,

  • Roger

    Roger - 2011-11-24

    That's why they call it default shares… they are default. Remember that the Agent can be on another drive than C… The Cache can be on a another drive than the Agent…How would you handle this ? That's the price of "security" :-)



  • Edi

    Edi - 2011-11-28

    Yeah sure! But it is also default to turn off the default shares by using the "autosharewks" registry key / policy.
    Of course security makes things more complicated a lot of times, and i'm not asking for some kind of magic, that automatically guesses the correct name of a share I defined myself - just for some kind of .ini where I could define
    the values (in this case just the share name) I changed. It just switching from hardcoded to user defined settings in my opinion.



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