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How to use callback?

  • biju

    biju - 2006-12-09

    I given the callback url in the clickatall account. But how can I get the the responce to the url? I send the message with callback value 2.


    • Gwyneth Llewelyn

      The callback is just an URL to your own webserver that you have to set up. When Clickatell receives a message from you, it'll call your URL with the following parameters:

          [api_id] => Your own api_id
          [apiMsgId] => A long string representing the Message ID, which you can confirm on Clickatell's report page
          [cliMsgId] => I always get this blank!
          [timestamp] => An Unix timestamp: number of seconds since Epoch [Jan 1, 1970]
          [to] => The phone number of the recipient, in international format
          [from] => Your own Clickatell phone number, in international format
          [status] => One of the several statuses (e.g. 004 if the message was received; see Clickatell's manual for the full list)
          [charge] => A float showing how many credits were taken from your account (usually 2 or so)

      What programming language did you use to write your callback?

  • Natasha Williams

    Hii Gwyneth,

    I am using Java to write callback. This is a great help you have offered here Thank you so much.

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