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SMPlayer 0.8.6 released

Version 0.8.6.

  • SMPlayer can now update its internal Youtube code so it's not necessary
    to update smplayer everytime Youtube makes a change.
  • A section "Updates" has been added to the preferences dialog, where
    it's possible to configure or disable the update checker.
  • SMPlayer could still fail to find some subtitles from Hopefully this is fixed.
  • (Windows) The autoload of subtitles with non latin1 filenames has been
  • The Windows installer gives the possibility to delete most of the
    configuration files of smplayer. This can be useful if the configuration
    files have been corrupted or smplayer has been misconfigured.
    Linux users can use the command "smplayer -delete-config".
  • Several other bugfixes. See the Changelog for details.... read more
Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2013-08-16

SMPlayer 0.8.4 released

Version 0.8.4.

  • New option to select the fps for external subtitles.
  • The video equalizer dialog has been rewritten and now it allows to switch on/off the software equalizer from there.
  • Now smplayer checks for updates automatically and notifies the user if
    a new version is found.
  • Support for encoding ISO-8859-16 for subtitles.
  • The support for MPlayer2 has been improved and now we provide an optional package for Windows which includes MPlayer2. MPlayer2 has interesting new features like support for mkv ordered chapters and precise seeks.
  • New translations: Thai and Hebrew.
  • Some bugfixes.
Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2013-03-24

SMPlayer 0.8.3 released

Version 0.8.3.

* Fix for youtube playback.

Version 0.8.2.

* A skinnable interface has been added. Several skins are included.
* Support for 6.1 and 7.1 audio output.
* A "Privacy" section in the preferences dialog has been added. You can
disable saving the recent files or URLs.
* The main window can be moved by dragging the video area.
* Fix for a freeze that may happen on Windows XP.
* (Windows) The font cache is created before showing the GUI.... read more

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2012-12-23

SMPlayer 0.6.8 released

Version 0.6.8.

Most important changes since 0.6.7:

* Added support for TV (more info in Watching_TV.txt).
* New option to enable a global volume.
* (Linux) Support for vdpau.
* New option to take consecutive screenshots.
* Possibility to add some of the submenus to the toolbars.
* Better support for *.ts files (requires mplayer >= r29381).
* Added the Vietnamese translation.
* Added the Estonian translation.
* (Windows) New options to try to disable the screensaver.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2009-07-21

SMPlayer 0.6.7 released

Most important changes since 0.6.6:

* Added experimental (and uncomplete) support for dvd menus. Requires a mplayer
build compiled with dvdnav support. Please read dvdmenus.txt to know how
to enable it.
* Now loading an external subtitle file doesn't require to restart the mplayer
process (except for idx/sub subtitles).
* (Playlist) When a file is added to the playlist, if it was already in the
list, it's moved to the end of the list.
* Options for mplayer: finally spaces in arguments between quotes are handled
* Added two options (in the audio and subtitle menus) to allow the user to
enter the audio and subtitle delay (in milliseconds).
* (ASS subtitles) The outline and shadow options now accept values with
* (ASS subtitles) Possibility to change the color of the border and shadow.
* Now the default value for the "correct pts" option is auto.
* (Windows) Now the screensaver is allowed to turn on if the file is paused
or it's an audio file.
* (Windows) The direct3d video output is now the default for Windows Vista.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2009-03-11

SMPlayer: 0.6.6 released

SMPlayer is a complete front-end for MPlayer, from basic features like playing videos, DVDs, VCDs to more advanced features like support for MPlayer filters, edl lists, and more.

Most important changes since 0.6.5:

* Added an option to generate a preview (thumbnails) of the video.
* Added a new gui (mpcgui, a media player classic clone) developed by
Matthias Petri.
* Added some auto zoom options, to display the video without black borders.
* Implemented a new (and optional) method to save the file settings.
This method uses an ini file per each played file. It's faster than the old
* Added a new option in Preferences->Video: add black borders on
fullscreen. If this option is enabled, black borders will be added to
the image in fullscreen mode. This allows subtitles to be displayed on
the black borders.
* Increased the resolution of the seekbar. Allows a more accurate seeking.
* Added 3 modes for the stay on top option: always, never and while playing.
* Added a history to the open URL dialog.
* Added new action to cycle through all aspect ratios. Assigned by default to
key "A".
* It's possible to run some specified actions every time a file is loaded.
* Possibility to set up a proxy for internet connections (used for subtitle

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2009-01-05

SMPlayer 0.6.5 released

Most important changes since 0.6.4:

* The subtitles when using the SSA/ASS library can now be further customized. It's possible to select the font, size, colors, bold, italic, outline, shadow...
* (Linux) Now smplayer tries to follow the XDG Base Directory Specification for the config files. That means the now the configuration files will be saved under the directory $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/smplayer (or $HOME/.config/smplayer if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not defined). If you want to keep your preferences, copy or move the files from $HOME/.smplayer to the new location.
* Added some options in Preferences->Interface to configure the floating control.
* The commandline option -ini-path has been removed and replaced with -config-path, which specifies the directory where smplayer will store its data (not only smplayer.ini).
* Added the possibility to select the adaptor for xv. Requires at least MPlayer SVN r26762.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-11-14

SMPlayer: 0.6.4 released

SMPlayer is a complete front-end for MPlayer, from basic features like playing videos, DVDs, VCDs to more advanced features like support for MPlayer filters, edl lists, and more.

Most important changes since 0.6.3:

* Now the dialog to find subtitles can also download the subtitle file and
load it in smplayer automatically.
* (Linux) The black screen problem when using Compiz should really be fixed
* Added support for encoding autodetection for subtitle files. Requires a
mplayer compiled with enca support.
* (Linux) Now it's possible to choose the audio device to be used with alsa
(needs the application "aplay").
* (Windows) Now it's possible to choose the audio device to be used with
* (Windows) The menu Video->Screen displays now the actual available screens
with their names.
* Added the possibility to add consecutive files (video_01.avi, video_02.avi..)
automatically to the playlist.
* Bugfix: logout is not cancelled by smplayer.
* Now the options in preferences display a tooltip with a help message.
* Now it's possible to change the video track.
* Added the Galician translation.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-10-25

SMPlayer 0.6.3 released

Version 0.6.3.

Most important changes since 0.6.2 (see the Changelog for the whole list):

* Two fixes for Windows Vista. Now IPv4 is used by default (connection to
networks are faster). And now it really uses "gl:yuv=2:force-pbo:ati-hack"
as the default video output driver. Note: this mode could give problems
with some graphic cards (specially ATI), if you experience any, try the
other gl variants, or just directx.
* (Linux) Added a fix for a black screen problem when using Compiz.
* Added an option to select the number of threads that mplayer will use for
decoding (only works for MPEG-1/2 and some H.264 videos).
* Added the possibility to disable the audio equalizer. Seems to be necessary
to use the S/PDIF output.
* Added some options to increase/decrease the speed by 1% and 4%. This allows
to play 24 fps movies at 25 fps speed and vice versa.
* Fix: sometimes the playlist is not shown. Added a workaround for the problem.
* Added some checks to avoid crashes when selecting subtitle tracks.
* (Windows) Added a new submenu Video->Screen to select the screen which will
display the video when using directx.
* The settings in smplayer.ini have been reorganized in several sections.
(This also means most of your preferences will be lost and you will have to
reconfigure smplayer again).
* Added an option to mirror the video. And now it's also possible to flip and
rotate the subtitles along with the image.
* Added a new shortcut set (sda.keys) which can be loaded in the shortcut
editor in preferences.
* Added two new translations: Arabic and Kurdish.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-09-24

SMPlayer 0.6.2 released

Version 0.6.2.

Most important changes since 0.6.1:

* Added an audio equalizer (please read Audio_equalizer.txt).
* Added a dialog to search and download subtitles from (See Finding_subtitles.txt).
* The toolbars can be configured. The user can remove, add or change the order of the buttons. Right now it can only be done by editing manually the configuration file. A graphical editor will be added in the next version. See Configuring_the_toolbars.txt.
* The single instance port can now be chosen automatically by the application.
* Possibility to compile a portable version which (by default) won't write anything outside the smplayer's folder. It won't write either anything in the Windows registry. See Portable_Edition.txt for details.
* Added the Slovenian translation.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-08-14

SMPlayer 0.6.1 released

Version 0.6.1.

Most important changes since 0.6.0 final:

* Now compact mode resizes the window, instead of leaving black borders.
* Added an option in Preferences->Interface which allows the user to select
his/her preferred GUI. This way it's easier to use the mini GUI, for those
who prefer a simpler interface with few buttons.
* One more fix for Qt 4.4. The option FAQ in the Help menu didn't work.
* (Windows) Fix: zoom didn't work well (black blocks appeared) if using
* Added the Catalan translation.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-06-07

SMPlayer 0.6.0 final released

Version 0.6.0 final.

Most important changes since 0.6.0rc4:

* (Bugfix) Two mplayer processes were run when opening a file. This could
even make Aero in Windows Vista to be disabled.
* Seeking with the time slider works much better.
* Now it's possible to add directories recursively to the playlist.
* Added a preferences dialog for the playlist.
* The right mouse button can be configured.
* (Linux) File managers should now display an option to enqueue files in
the smplayer playlist.
* (Fix) The playlist was shown for a small moment on startup. This caused
problems if using compiz, as the window might not hide.
* Fix for Qt 4.4, the logo didn't show.
* Some translations have been updated (Simplified-Chinese, Italian,
Ukrainian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese,
Spanish and German)
* Now the file Install.txt contains updated info about how to compile and
install smplayer.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-05-14

SMPlayer 0.6.0rc4 released

Version 0.6.0rc4.

Most important changes since 0.6.0rc3:

* (Bugfix) Now DVDs start to play at chapter #1, instead of chapter #2,
if using mplayer 1.0rc2 or older.
* (Fix) A delay could happen on startup if there were non local files in
the recent's menu.
* (Bugfix) When using the command line options -send-action or -actions,
some actions like aspect_4:3 didn't work.
* Initial support for edl files. If a file with the same name of the file
to play but with extension .edl (or .EDL) exists, then smplayer will load
it automatically. An edl file allows to skip or mute parts of the video.
* Possibility to automatically get info (length and name) about the files
added to the playlist. This option is enabled by defaul on linux and
disabled on windows (it's slow in this OS).
* Added in Preferences->General->Video an option to select the default
* Added support for the mouse's buttons XButton1 and XButton2.
* Some new options have been added to the list of available actions for
mouse buttons.
* Possibility to merge the 6 seeking buttons in the GUI into only two.
It would only show the "rewind 10 secs" and "forward 10 secs" buttons.
Keeping them pressed for a moment would popup menu with the rest of the
buttons. This option is DISABLED by default and currently it can only be
enabled at compile time changing the MINI_ARROW_BUTTONS define in
src/guiconfig.h before compiling.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-04-15

SMPlayer 0.6.0rc3 released

Most important changes since 0.6.0rc2:

* (Windows) Enqueuing multiple files in smplayer should work ok now even
if smplayer is not running.
* Added new menu Video->Rotate, with options to rotate the image.
* Added new option Play->Jump to, which will show a dialog where you can
enter the position (time) to jump.
* Added two new options in the Subtitles menu: "Enable closed caption" and
"Forced subtitles only".
* The software equalizer should work now with gl, gl2 and directx:noaccel.
* Some multimedia keys should be recognized now in the shortcut editor.
* Added help for all options in the preferences dialog.
* New error dialog which will be shown if mplayer crashes, fails to start
or finishes unexpectedly.
* SMPlayer will try to use xv (or directx in windows) as default.
* Added two new translations: Macedonian and Basque.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-03-24

Version 0.6.0rc2 released.

This version includes some bugfixes.

Most important changes since 0.6.0rc1:

* Fix for relative paths to the mplayer binary. The problem could cause that smplayer couldn't play anything if a directory or file named "mplayer" existed in the home directory.
* The option Play -> Repeat has been improved.
* The selection of chapters in mkv files didn't work well if using a recent mplayer from svn. This has been fixed now.
* (Windows) Bugfix: the buttons to select the font color in Preferences->Subtitles->SSA/ASS didn't show the color.
* (Windows) Now the screensaver should be disabled even if protected by password (tested on Windows XP).
* (Windows) Bugfix: don't try to convert to 8.3 short names files that don't exist. That could cause that URLs were corrupted.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-02-15

SMPlayer: Version 0.6.0rc1 released

SMPlayer is a complete front-end for MPlayer, from basic features like playing videos, DVDs, VCDs to more advanced features like support for MPlayer filters, edl lists, and more.

Most important changes since 0.5.62:

* Added support for pls playlist files.
* Better accuracy on subtitle selection. Fixes problems with mp4 embedded
subtitles. Requires mplayer svn r25158 or above.
* Now the screensaver and powersave on Windows is really turned off, even on
Windows Vista.
* The cache setting is independent for each type of media.
* Added an option which allows to fix the problem of loud volume on startup
(requires a patched mplayer).
* (Windows) The file associations code has been improved. Now it should work
better in Windows Vista as well as other versions of Windows.
* New option Video->Add black borders, which replaces the letterbox options
in Video->Aspect ratio.
* (Windows) Work-around for a mplayer bug: now filenames with characters
outside the local codepage can be opened, by passing to mplayer the short
version of the filename. This can be enabled in Preferences->Advanced.
* Now the H.264 loop filter can be disabled for High Definition videos only
(720p and above).
* Possibility to update the video while dragging the time slider.
* New icons for the default theme.
* SSA/ASS subtitles can also be resized during playback. Requires at least
mplayer r25843.
* Now it's possible to zoom out the video image.
* New Help->About dialog.
* New option Help->FAQ which will show the FAQ.
* Bugfix: the colorkey is passed properly to mplayer.
* Added the Finnish and the Korean translations.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-02-01


Time changes and people too...

It's time for RVM (the project leader) to be helped and that's why we are here.

We're doing some reorganization about all the project : new website soon, wiki for developers/helpers, and more...

So stay connected ;)

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-23

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