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SMPlayer 0.8.6 released

Version 0.8.6.

  • SMPlayer can now update its internal Youtube code so it's not necessary
    to update smplayer everytime Youtube makes a change.
  • A section "Updates" has been added to the preferences dialog, where
    it's possible to configure or disable the update checker.
  • SMPlayer could still fail to find some subtitles from Hopefully this is fixed.
  • (Windows) The autoload of subtitles with non latin1 filenames has been
  • The Windows installer gives the possibility to delete most of the
    configuration files of smplayer. This can be useful if the configuration
    files have been corrupted or smplayer has been misconfigured.
    Linux users can use the command "smplayer -delete-config".
  • Several other bugfixes. See the Changelog for details.

Version 0.8.5.

  • Due to changes in, smplayer couldn't find
    subtitles anymore. This has been fixed.
  • The interface with support for skins is now the default.
  • An option to enter url(s) in the playlist has been added.
  • The options to change the size of the main window work now
    even if the autoresize is set to never.
  • Two new options for Audio -> Stereo mode: Mono and Reverse.
  • The option "Move the window when the video area is dragged" is
    now disabled by default because it has some issues that need to
    be addressed.
  • (Linux) The problem with mplayer2 and the -fontconfig option has been
    fixed (sort of).
  • New translation: Malay.
  • Some configuration options are changed to new defaults after installation
    to ease upgrade from old versions.
Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2013-08-16

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