#73 Right Click [on DVD drive]; "Play [DVD] with SM Player"


As a truck driver, i watch many DVDs on my [widescreen] Toshiba laptop with XP. At the moment, if I want to play a DVD, I have 2 options, WMP (I use WMP11), or VLC. If I double click on the DVD drive icon, it comes up in WMP. But since WMP11 doesn't zoom 100% with widescreen movies, I usually prefer VLC since it does. Usually the DVD is already in the drive, in which case, I usually right click and click on "Play with VLC Media Player". It would be nice if this was a feature with SMP. I tried playing video with SMP by other means, but it would only play in parts, not in whole.

WMP11 resumes where I last left off on a DVD, while with VLC, I have to remember where I left off.

Also, having a shiny black skin like WMP11, with blue buttons would be really cool.

Note: I have just downloaded the latest version, but have not used it yet.


  • Ricardo Villalba

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  • Ricardo Villalba

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