#535 Add support for mpv-player. (new fork mplayer2)

mpv-player (1)

Can you add support for mpv-player?

They use new location for config files and new name for the binary.


  • spumer

    spumer - 2013-11-15

    Yeah. This is great idea. Because mplayer doesn't support linked .mkv, and mplayer2 can't use external subtitles correctly (for linked .mkv too): http://devel.mplayer2.org/ticket/256

  • Ricardo Villalba

    Adding support for mpv is not possible right now since they removed the slave mode.

  • Andreas Allacher

    I also would like to see support for mpv.
    It is definitely the better player.
    mplayer is always way outdated and still does not support linked mkv files.
    mplayer2 is not updated at all anymore which one can definitely notice - for instance it will not play audio for one of my files, whereas mpv and also mplayer do.

  • Andreas Allacher

    H.265/x265 also does not seem to work correct with the current mplayer or current mpv.
    However, it works fine with mpv.

  • Ricardo Villalba

    Support for mpv has finally been added to smplayer svn r6419.

    But it requires mpv 0.6.2 (it hasn't been tested with older versions)

  • Andreas Allacher

    Just download r6428 and so far it works.

    However, update of mpv to latest build does not seem to work.

    And in case you don't know already:
    Also, when switching "video" I always get a crash message.

    Edit: OSD does work. My fault I tried to see it with pause instead of position change.
    Is it possible to also see the position when I puase the video? I know this is not normally the case with mplayer either.

    Regarding this: support for show_progress input would be nice (which just displays the progressbar)

    Last edit: Andreas Allacher 2014-11-17
  • Andreas Allacher

    Regarding newer mpv version, I have now installed the current r6427 and with that one it works with the newest version.
    Maybe the problem was some config part in the portable version?

    Some OSD information changes however are missing, e.g. if I switch subtitles I do not get any indication. They are however displayed when using only mpv. Are the suppressed due to a CLI parameter or is this not support with slave mode or..?

    I guess the issue is in general with all text info messages, like subtitles, zoom, ...
    But the info is displayed in the statusbar but that one is not always visible in fullscreen mode.
    Perhaps it would be easiest to just show the statusbar a short time when such a message occurs?

    But otherwise it works really well.
    Nice work.

    Last edit: Andreas Allacher 2014-11-17
  • Andreas Allacher

    OK, I was able to fix the missing text info messages by copying the open-fonts directory from the current mpv-portable archive (does not exist in normal mpv installation)

    Btw. is it only me or does the OSD not work for the first few seconds after I start a playback of a file?

    Last edit: Andreas Allacher 2014-11-17
  • Andreas Allacher

    Latest mpv some mkv files are display in the wrong aspect ratio. Works fine with the provided one.
    It also works fine if I play it directly via mpv.

  • Ricardo Villalba

    I've just compiled the latest version of mpv (0.6.2-git-973b555) but I can't see any problem with the aspect ratio with any of the mkv files I tested.

  • Andreas Allacher

    Have you also tried the latest pre-compiled version?
    I would have tried to compile the master version but I am currently testing under Windows and there I do not have setup everything necessary to compile (normally I use Linux but currently it is not up-to-date).

    The issue is only visible if you open a file that was not opened before, it seems to be correct for previously opened files or if you delete the file_settings folder.

    mpv git-c372856 (C) 2000-2014 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 projects
    built on 2014-11-16T10:26:18
    ffmpeg library versions:
    libavutil 54.13.100
    libavcodec 56.12.101
    libavformat 56.13.100
    libswscale 3.1.101
    libavfilter 5.2.103
    libavresample 2.1.0

    Last edit: Andreas Allacher 2014-11-18
  • Andreas Allacher

    The included version which is this version:

    Does not have the issue all the following pre-compile versions currently seem to have the issue but maybe it is a general mpv bug and is going to be fixed in the next pre-compiled version.

  • Andreas Allacher

    I have just downloaded the version released today and the issue still exists.
    Aspect ratio is wrong for various 16:9 files if they are stored as 1:1 pixel (e.g. recroded TV 1280x720).
    Setting for aspect ratio is auto.
    Converted DVD, however, seems to work correctly.

    Using the same file directly on mpv produces the correct result

  • Andreas Allacher

    I have now compared the file_settings generated by the latest mpv and the older one, the difference are those values:





    If I modify the settings to the old values and load the file the aspect ratio is also correct with the newest version

  • Ricardo Villalba

    Could you provide a link to a sample video where this problem happens?

    I can't see the problem with any of my mkv files.

  • Andreas Allacher

    Actually it happens with nearly all files that are not 4:3

    e.g. old Guild Wars 2 trailers in .mov
    or this trailer

    To make sure it is not option issue I used the r6248 portable and used the default options of them. Then replaced everything in mplayer except open-fonts and once I only replaced mplayer.exe and mplayer.com and I got the aspect ratio issue.

    As said the file_settings contain wrong information regarding win_height/win_width afterwards.

  • Ricardo Villalba

    I think this is fixed in svn r6449.

  • Andreas Allacher

    Thanks that one indeed fixed the issue.

    The issue regarding the error message on closing a video prematurely by e.g. closing the player or switching to a different file still exists.

    HOWEVER, this message only occurs when I use the 32Bit .exe of mpv, if I use the r6449 (32Bit) and 64Bit mpv that error message does NOT appear (it is actually cool that such a combination works)

  • Ricardo Villalba

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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