#524 Framestep Back support


Don't say that MPlayer doesn't support it. There are unofficial patch: http://devel.mplayer2.org/ticket/49

Would be better than nothing.


  • DaveQB

    DaveQB - 2014-08-30

    I'll vote for this. Would be VERY handy for me.

  • Andrey Gursky

    Andrey Gursky - 2015-02-05

    Recently I heard, mpv support was added (will try it in short). So it's time now to add this feature too.

  • Ricardo Villalba

    This option is already available in smplayer.

    • Louis

      Louis - 2015-03-23

      Would you be so kind as to point out where this option is? It's not in the default keyboard shortcuts as frame_step is (on the . key)

      Last edit: Louis 2015-03-23
  • Ricardo Villalba

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Andrey Gursky

    Andrey Gursky - 2015-03-23


    Would you be so kind as to point out where this option is? It's not in the default keyboard shortcuts as frame_step is (on the . key)

    I've found it in the menu, but since you're mentioning the keyword frame_step, just doing grep on smplayer sources brings the answer:

    $ grep -rI frame.*_step .
    ./Changelog: * Add an option to go back one frame (frame_back_step). Only works with mpv.
    ./src/mpvoptions.cpp:   writeToStdin("frame_step");
    ./src/mpvoptions.cpp:   writeToStdin("frame_back_step");
    ./src/core.h:    void pause_and_frame_step();
    ./src/mplayeroptions.cpp:   writeToStdin("frame_step");
    ./src/prefinput.cpp:    left_click_combo->addItem( tr("Pause / Frame step"), "pause_and_frame_step" );
    ./src/core.cpp:void Core::pause_and_frame_step() {
    ./src/core.cpp: qDebug("Core::pause_and_frame_step");
    ./src/basegui.cpp:  pauseAndStepAct = new MyAction( this, "pause_and_frame_step" );
    ./src/basegui.cpp:             core, SLOT(pause_and_frame_step()) );
    ./src/basegui.cpp:  frameStepAct = new MyAction( Qt::Key_Period, this, "frame_step" );
    ./src/basegui.cpp:  frameBackStepAct = new MyAction( Qt::Key_Colon, this, "frame_back_step" );
    ./src/basegui.cpp:  frameStepAct->change( Images::icon("frame_step"), tr("&Frame step") );
    ./src/basegui.cpp:  frameBackStepAct->change( Images::icon("frame_back_step"), tr("Fra&me back step") );
    ./src/shortcuts/default.keys:frame_step .
    ./src/shortcuts/default.keys:frame_back_step    :
    ./src/shortcuts/euskara.keys:frame_step .

    As you can see, the shortcut for frame_back_step is a colon (:).

    But I'm really wondering, why it's not set to the mpv's default. Ricardo, what was a reason?


    Last edit: Andrey Gursky 2015-03-23
  • Ricardo Villalba

    The default key in mpv is ",". Unfortunately this key can't be used in smplayer for shortcuts because it's used internally in the shortcut editor as separator of shortcuts. I'll try to fix this issue in future versions.

  • Ricardo Villalba

    The problem with the "," is now fixed in r6803.

  • Drey Tee

    Drey Tee - 2017-01-29

    Just built latest version: Version: 17.1.0 (revision 8380)
    Using Qt 4.8.6 (compiled with Qt 4.8.6)
    Using MPlayer SVN r37881
    And still can't use backward frame step on comma (dot moves one step forward properly)

    • Ricardo Villalba

      You need to set mpv as multimedia engine in preferences -> general.

      • Drey Tee

        Drey Tee - 2017-01-30

        Choosed mpv as you told. Now smplayer can't play anything because of command line options error.
        If I copy the full generated mpv command from log, paste to the terminal and strip failing options one by one I finally can play video and step backwards/forward!
        So the question is: how can I strip these bad commandline options from smplayer to play videos with mpv properly?

        bad commandline options:


        mpv version:

        mpv 0.3.4 (C) 2000-2013 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 projects
         built on 2014-02-01T17:09:32
        libav library versions:
           libavutil       52.3.0
           libavcodec      54.35.0
           libavformat     54.20.3 (runtime 54.20.4)
           libswscale      2.1.1
           libavfilter     3.3.0
           libavresample   1.0.1

        P.S.: should I build newer mpv?

        Last edit: Drey Tee 2017-01-30
        • Ricardo Villalba

          That version of mpv is extremely old and it's not supported by smplayer. Yes, you should get a newer one.


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