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Would be great if I able to make multiple tabs instead of saving and frequently overriding multiple m3u file and remove all/load new playlist again and again.


  • stinger2

    stinger2 - 2013-04-11

    yes. tabbed playlists would be great.

    foobar2000 audio player is a great example of how nice tabbed playlists are, and with drag-drop support. Of course, that player is audio only.

  • stinger2

    stinger2 - 2013-04-17

    foobar2000 also has more great playlist features.

    1. "playback follows cursor" - when enabled, foobar2000 will play the highlighted song in the list next once the current is done.

    2. right-click "add to playback cue" - you can right-click entries and add them to playback queue which is a temporary queue that the player will play. when the temporary queue is empty, it goes back to normal playback method.

    These 2 features make DJing at gatherings great!!! you can put it on random, but if you feel like playing 1 or more songs in a row, or line up some requests from people, you go right-click them, add them, and they will come on next. It will resume normal random play once it's finished.

    foobar2000 is a great music player. I would love SMPlayer to operate its playlist the exact same way for the purpose of VJing (music videos).


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