#350 Allow multiple instances of a file in the playlist


I occasionally watch programming that uses ordered chapters, specifically ones where the opening and closing of a show are stored separately from the contents of individual episodes. Since mplayer's support for ordered chapters seems mired in limbo, I wanted to simulate ordered chapters by including the OP and ED files multiple times in the playlist. SMPlayer ignores any such requests.


  • SeijiSensei

    SeijiSensei - 2009-12-16

    Unfortunately not all Linux distros ship the mt version of mplayer (do any?), and some people don't have computers that would support multithreading anyway.

    Every time I read about ordered chapters and mplayer I'm being sent to a git repository or directed to a non-mainstream build. I don't think that helps people installing vanilla Fedora or Ubuntu, or even people like me who build mplayer from the main SVN snapshots. I'll give the mplayer-mt version a try. Thanks!

  • SeijiSensei

    SeijiSensei - 2009-12-17

    I'm taking your advice and building mplayer with the code from ffmpeg-mt. I first had to upgrade my vdpau libs to 190, but now I've run up against the missing swscale problem. I see references to the problem on the web, but not too many solutions. This is the reason why I shy away from experimental code branches like ffmpeg-mt.

  • Ricardo Villalba

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