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Hello, I just download and test smplayer for Windows, updated to the latest available version 0.3.14
Tried it with a movie, however the cyrillic subtitles was displayed with obviously wrong code page.
In Options->Preferences->Subtitles->Default subtitle encoding it was selected Western. I changed it to CP1251 (Cyrillic Windows), however the problem was not fixed. Tried also Unicode and UTF-8 with no success.
Windows Media Player shows cyrillic subtitles corectly with the same subtitle file and the same movie.
Subtitle file is with srt extension and is displayed correctly with any text editor.
Regional settings in my Windows XP SP2 are all to Bulgarian, inluding those for non-unicode text.

That's it.
my e-mail is (will spell it because of spammers)

I am attaching the subtitle file


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    cyrillic subtitle file wich does not show correctly

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    I've just tried your subtitles with smplayer 0.3.15 (and mplayer CCCP-SVN-r21703-3.4.5), selecting CP1251 as subtitles enconding, and I think they are properly displayed. See attached screenshot.

    File Added: subtitulos_ruso.jpg

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