#784 SMPlayer does not 'Ignore playback errors'

Landis Reed

when playing from playlist, when an error accurs in file or when a file in playlist no longer exists, SMP haults with error dialog 'Oops, something went wrong' and remains until I click 'ok'.
Ignor and continue should be just that. noticfy me, but continue on. Don't you think.

Similar issue is when I've paused, stopped, minimized a playlist for any legnth of time, then restore window and resume playing. I get the erorr REPEATEDLY, for Every file in the playlist. It's as if SMP is NOT reading the playlist and precieves all files as missing. The same is true if I try to quite SMP after it has been paused, minimized for any length of time. Click quit and Error, Error, Error, 2 to 6 times as it 'trys' to load next file in playlist. It's as if there is no path associated with the titles in the playlist. I know SMP is trying to play them, as the window size can change from one attempt (file) to the next in the list just as if it were playing the next file, say from a 480 to 720 dpi vidoe, but videos don't start, just the error, click ok, SMP jumps to next title in playlist.

It can take upto 6 'ok' on error dialogs before SMPlayer will actually quit.

Steps to Reproduce
Start SMPlayer
Load Play list (if SMP wasn't started by launching a playlist.m3u)
pause playback
minimize to systemtray
work on other things, ignoring SMP for an hour
restore SMP from systemtray
click 'play next' or directly select title from playlist
Error (usuaely no 2)

  • or -

  • same as above, but instead of resume play, play next or picking title in playlist

  • Quit
  • SMP will display the same 'Oops' error as if next file is missing
  • This error will appear 2 to 6 times, requireing me to click 'ok' each time, before SMP will quit

All in All I love SMPlayer & have been using since day one.
I like the 'new' playlist name being displayed in playlist titlebar, but now I can't make a window rule for the placement of the playlist as the 'window titlle' changes with each list.

Anyways. Thanks.

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  • Ricardo Villalba

    What operating system are you using?
    What version of mpv or mplayer are you using? (you can see this info in Help -> About SMPlayer)

  • Landis Reed

    Landis Reed - 2016-12-02

    thanks for replying.

    I just 'updated' or changed my ffmepg install to 3.2 via a user repo at opensuse

    this is part of the error 2 I get:

    ffmpeg version: 3.2.1
    mpv was compiled against a different version of FFmpeg/Libav than the shared

    I Don't Know how to tell what libs used to compile mpv.
    How do I know what libav, ffmpeg file versions I should have on my system?

    mpv --version shows:

    mpv 0.22.0 (C) 2000-2016 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 projects
     built on Nov 20 2016
    ffmpeg library versions:
       libavutil       55.17.103 (runtime 55.34.100)
       libavcodec      57.24.102 (runtime 57.64.101)
       libavformat     57.25.100 (runtime 57.56.100)
       libswscale      4.0.100 (runtime 4.2.100)
       libavfilter     6.31.100 (runtime 6.65.100)
       libswresample   2.0.101 (runtime 2.3.100)
    ffmpeg version: 3.2.1

    the version numbers make No scense... 55.17.103 ??? I find that version Nowhere.

    So, I made sure all ffmpeg, libev files were the newest and from the same repo where possible. It seemed the ffmpeg versons from packman were all over the place (ver wise).

    Now SMPlayer will NOT play any file. So I messed up w/ updating to ffmpeg 3.2

    so, currently i'm running:
    openSuSE 13.2 (Harlequin), KDE 4.14.9 (up to date)
    kwin --version:
    Qt: 4.8.6
    KDE Development Platform: 4.14.9
    Kwin: 4.11.20

    ffmpeg -v: 3.2.1
    built with gcc 4.8 (SUSE Linux)

    SMPlayer 'about':
    SMPlayer: 16.11.0 (revision 8242)
    Qt 5.4.2
    MPV 0.22.0

    Again, trying to be clearer. When I leave SMPlayer set idle in systemtray, then, after 15 to 30 mins, restore the player and hit play or quit, is when I get the error 2.
    If I dont' minimize paused, or stopped it will play for hours. It's only when it's not 'running' (playing something) for a while, then restored. I thought I coped the error output log, but I don't see it.


  • Landis Reed

    Landis Reed - 2016-12-02

    So... changing my repo & reinstalling all ffmpeg, gstreamer, mpv, SMPlayer from opensuse/repositories/multimedia & ~/libs so All where from the same place and presumably compiled from the same libaries. Restarted. SMPlayer opened (started), but would NOT play any files... several errors, heres one:

    Failed to initialize a video decoder for codec 'h264'.
    Video: no video
    Failed to initialize an audio decoder for codec 'aac'.
    Audio: no audio
    No video or audio streams selected.
    Exiting... (Errors when loading file)

    Right now, I'm updating unconditionally, Again, from Packman.
    I'm not sure why this opensuse 13.2 install is different than others i have...
    Oh, I know... EVERY SINGLE OpenSuSE install I've Ever done, even on the same machine diff hdd is diffent that any other. I've NEVER had an istall go 100%. but, then windows hasn't since windows 3.11 either. : )


  • Landis Reed

    Landis Reed - 2016-12-02

    having 'updated unconditionally' (re-installed) from Packman SMPlayer again plays a single .mp4 file.. I'll have to wait to see if it will play a play list after having been 'asleep' (minimized, not playing) for a while.

    Yes, plays playlist, but still need to wait for timeout while minimized to systemtray.

    Still does NOT pass on files with errors (missing file by virtue of having been moved, renamed or deleted). that is, SMPLayer Still stops and displays ERROR DIALOG requiring user intervention, even though 'play next file automatically' and 'ignore playback errors' are chcecked.

    Thanks, Landis.

    • Ricardo Villalba

      Turn off also the option "Report mplayer/mpv crashes" in Preferences -> Advanced -> mplayer/mpv.

  • Landis Reed

    Landis Reed - 2016-12-03

    so that option is the dialog, not reporting to you guys.. ok.
    It seems that I finnally have the same version ffmpeg and libav files as were used to compile the SMPlay and mpv binaries. I've left a 3 paused movies minimized to systemtray for several hours. All three play immediatly and without error after being 'restored' to windows from the systray.... Awesome... Just like the old days.. : )

    It's true. You can find out a lot from looking at the logs. mine was clear. shared ffmpeg was not the same version as mpv was compiled against.

    Problem is, other apps want to update to newest version of ffmpeg all the time.
    Take youtube-dl for instance. It is updated almost every day. and often stops working because of the ffmpeg vers. Hmm.. So if one continues to update ffmpeg to satisfy other apps like youtube-dl, eventually they, I will have this issue with mpv/smplayer Again.

    food for thought.
    Thanks again for this nice program.


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