#613 player should get focus when new video is launched

Jay Philips

when i have smplayer opened in the background while i'm browsing through my files in a file manager and open a file, smplayer doesnt come to the foreground unless i click it to.


  • Ricardo Villalba

    I'm afraid this depends on the window manager. smplayer tries to raise the window but the window manager may ignore it.

  • mario lopez moreno

    This is the same bug that I've posted a year ago... and never get it solved.

    The answer does not convince me 'cause this problem does not happen in other videoplayers, please I'm sure that the SMPlayer/UMPlayer Team could find a solution for this problem, it's a waste of time to re-focus manually the window... (the bug happens in both SMPlayer and UMPlayer, from win VISTA to Win 8.1, don't tested in XP but sure also...).

    Last edit: mario lopez moreno 2014-03-03
  • Jay Philips

    Jay Philips - 2015-02-23

    I tested this again on Linux Mint 17 and i noticed that if the window is minimized, it will restore the window and bring it into focus, but if it is not minimized then it wont get focus.


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