#582 YouTube streaming on Windows: no video (Too many buffered pts)


Playing YouTube streams yields no video (or frozen first frame) and a message "Too many buffered pts" appears multiple times in the mplayer log when using quality=22 (default, means play HD video if available) in smplayer.ini (included in attachment). This always happens with the second and any consecutive play (first time the stream plays fine). Also, after a while, audio starts to loop (a second or two) rather irregularly (goes fine for ten seconds, then loops the same two seconds three or four times, then goes on for fifteen seconds, then loops again etc.) During that time, SMplayer freezes and I need to kill mplayer.exe. Setting priority to Normal doesn't help. I am able to reproduce the same behavior on an old ThinkPad (model A22m). Both computers have ATI cards (desktop has Radeon HD 5750 and ThinkPad has ATI Rage Mobility M). Both systems run Windows (Windows 7 on desktop, Windows XP on laptop). Setting quality=18 or quality=5 in smplayer.ini produces no problems (both computers play it, and it's the maximum the A22m can handle without stuttttering), but being able to play HD video without relying on YouTube's web page is important.

When 'sdl' is selected as video output driver, the playback is fine on both computers. But setting the output driver to directx (any variant), direct3d or gl (any variant) produces the aforementioned undesirable effects. gl_tiled also seems to work (but like sdl, is too slow in my case).

SMplayer version is 0.8.3
mplayer version is SVN r35425

Note: passing -nocorrect-pts to mplayer seems to address the no-video-playing issue, but the stuttering/looping remains, regardless of the value for stream cache (it seems to be worse the smallest it is).

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