#317 Full screen switching resets dvd playback going back to menu

linux (114)

Swtiching to and from full screen resets dvd playback going back to the menu (I have enabled dvd menus).
I know this feature is still experimental but perhaps it is related to the gui, rather than to the new experimental feature dvd menu.

I'm using smplayer 0.6.8, mplayer 29411 (I think it's a svn snapshot) and qt 4.5.2 on ArchLinux 32bits.


  • ajonat

    ajonat - 2009-08-28

    One more thing: I switch to and from fullscreen with a hotkey.

  • Ricardo Villalba

    I guess you have enabled the option "Add black border in fullscreen" in preferences->general->video. Just disable it.

    That option restarts to mplayer process when you switch fullscreen, but currently smplayer can't go back to the same position of the movie when using the dvd menus.

  • ajonat

    ajonat - 2009-08-28

    Yes, I had that option enabled.
    May I suggest extending the tooltip for "Add black border in fullscreen" with something like "This option resets dvd playback when switching fullscreen"?
    Thank you.


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