#313 The Seekbar don't go where I want (this is worse with WMV)

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I use actually on Windows XP SP3, the SMPlayer version who can be found in the last Mulder's MPlayer package (0.68 SVN r3213), but I have also tried with the stable 0.68 available here, and I have so a curious bug with the Seekbar.

The problem concerns all WMV videos who have a size > 600/700M and beyond. I am sure over this numbers, as all videos I have under 500M are not concerned (well, in a small way).

So, if I want to go to a position of the big WMV video, whatever the position, SMPlayer don't understand well where I want to go.

When I click to the middle of the seekbar, SMPlayer understand the end of the file, so of course, playing is stopped at I reached the end.

Same thing if I want to seek near the beginning of the video, he understand the middle, or sometimes 25%, it seems random.

The problem don't' seems to exist with all others video formats, but I only have one MKV of 450Mb at maximum to test...

Nevertheless, whatever the video size, I can see that the seekbar don't go exactly at the mouse position. I saw few millimeters of gap generally with a MKV file of 450M, but it is more visible with WMV files of 400/500M, as I can see a centimeter of gap each time I click somewhere on the Seekbar. This don't make the Seekbar useless and don't stop the video, so I can seek as I want. Until I want see a video beyond 600/700M...

This problem don't exist with MPUI, included in Mulder's Package.

If you need a video to make some tests, check this one. It is a legit video of 723M done about a video game, and I tested the bug with success with this one :



  • Anonymous - 2009-08-24

    A comment about my report :

    This seems concern ALL versions of SMPlayer since the 0.63.

    I just downloaded the 0.62 who work better than any other earlier version. There is still a small gap but I can seek a few more easily.

  • Jared Henley

    Jared Henley - 2010-09-27

    This appears to be the problem that I have also.

    I'm using archlinux, with versions:

    mplayer 32227-1
    smplayer 0.6.9-2

    I've tried an ogg/vorbis file that worked OK, but a 1.1G DVB-T (PAL/Australia) file showed the bug. Clicking anywhere in the first 50% of the seekbar selected the correct part of the video (I think) but the seek button moved to 2x where it should have been (eg click 10% and the bar shows 20%, click just before 50% and the bar shows almost 100%). Clicking after the 50% mark works properly.


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