#256 Smplayer + Mplayer were eating lots of memory

general (155)
Manuel Z

Some movie + Smplayer tray + some error + Mplayer playing (like a zombie proc), were eating lots of memory.... between yesterday and today there was a bunch of megas (700-1000) floating in the limbo...

Limbo because Htop didn't tell me that Smplayer was using so much memory, only when I closed it, the memory usage dropped drastically. Also an Mplayer error given by Smplayer... and some Mplayer instances(zombie, alive but playing nothing in screen) floating around in Htop.

I don't know when did all start... maybe a paused movie while I was doing some other things + mplayer crased instances... no idea.

I know, I don't have any useful information... but if it happens again i'll bring it on
Thanks, bye

Ubuntu 8.10, latest packages from rvm repos.


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