#114 Seek bar doesn't disappear when switching workspaces

linux (114)

When you switch workspaces (e.g. via a hotkey) with the seek bar (the bottom one with the slider, play etc.) visible, it will stay on screen, even though the workspace was changed. Furthermore, it won't disappear until you return to the workspace with SMPlayer. Not really a major annoyance, but I'd appreciate it if you could fix it, nevertheless. I've experienced this on KDE 3.5.8, for the record.


  • Ricardo Villalba

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    I think the problem could be fixed with the attached patch.

    It removes the flag X11BypassWindowManagerHint in the creation of the floating widget, but this can cause other issues! For that reason I can't remove it permanently from the code.

    File Added: floatingwidget.diff

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Thanks, that did the trick. Already noticed one issue, though. If you hover over the seek bar a few times fast enough, it'll appear at the top for a split second. Doesn't seem to happen without the patch.

  • Ricardo Villalba

    • assigned_to: nobody --> rvm

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