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SmoothWall errata, ISO image, 0.9.6 and more..

It's been brought to Lawrence and my attention that there is a 2k difference in filesizes in some of the 0.9.5LF ISO images. This is due to us being rushed in mid-October when we produced the 0.9.5LF ISO image for FutureNet publishing in the United Kingdom. It does NOT affect the install image and you can still produce a perfectly good SmoothWall CD (in fact there are 60,000 of them out on LF covers all over Europe). ... read more

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-11-19

SmoothWall GPL 0.9.5LF Released

This is identical to what appeared on LinuxFormat. The image is slightly bigger then normal because it contains the sourcecode tarballs.

Posted by Lawrence Manning 2000-11-16

Help Wanted - Web Wizard needed

We desperately need to relaunch the website we have up at to reflect over 20,000+ users worldwide. Anyone interested in taking "ownership" of such a well known project please email me at

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-11-05

CD Distribution of SmoothWall gathers pace

SmoothWall ISO images are available on CD ROM on the front cover of this months Maximum Linux in the US and the soon to be released on Sourceforge 0.9.5LF release on the front cover of Linux Format in the UK.


Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-11-05

SmoothWall will be attending LinuxWorldExpo in Frankfurt

Richard Morrell of VA Linux who also manages the SmoothWall project - will be attending the LinuxWorldExpo in Frankfurt, Germany from 5th October through to the 7th. Anyone wishing to pass by the VA stand and talk firewalls or discuss implementations of SmoothWall is more than welcome.

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-10-04

SmoothWall ISDN Beta Server working

The latest news on SmoothWall is that we now have a fully functioning development server running with an ASUS PCI ISDN TA. Successfully penetration tested it offers the same level of security as the dial up solution, but we ran into major issues with configuration and are looking for assistance from any SourceForge members with experience of persistent redial configuration with ISDN. We also would like to involve any of the German ISDN team who can help us with channel bonding issues to allow up to 128k connectivity and throughput in the ISDN release. We have NOT made the ISDN release public yet, it's only been up 13 hours and we need to tailor the graphical management and installation engine to try and offer the same ease of use as we have with analogue modem users. We also need to ask for Hardware donations as we currently have ELSA and ASUS cards on test and can't offer capability testing and probing on others until people start supporting us as opposed to just demanding ISDN support.

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-09-29

Bug report for 0.9.4 (and fixes!)

Okay... Found 2 bugs yesterday.

Bug 1: This is the dreaded "can't boot smoothie" problem a few people have seen. It seems I underestimated the buggy/crappy nature of some PC bioses. The SmoothWall install puts LILO in the MBR. Hence the "activeness" of partitions on the disk are irrelevant, since LILO takes care of booting. None the less, some BIOSes are stupid enough to "guess ahead" of this and when it sees no active partitions it assumes that there is nothing to boot. This is so stupid I will probably make the swap partition the active one in the next version, just because it makes no sense but will make the thing bootable.... read more

Posted by Lawrence Manning 2000-09-24

US Team Manager appointed

We are pleased to announce that Eric Johansson has been approached to be tied to a post and smeared with whipped cream until he submits and accepts the role as US team manager with responsibility for transatlantic comms development and helping us with an ADSL/Cable/T1 service offering. Please welcome Eric on board.

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-09-20

Developer kit available

I uploaded a new file to the 0.9.4 release, smoothwall-kit. You can use it to customise your own bootdisks, and also as a base for working on improving Smoothie. Please try it out, it's only 2 megs.

Posted by Lawrence Manning 2000-09-19

Cable Modem Support - Development assistance required

We are getting requests for Cable modem users in N.America who like Smoothie and our project but who want cable modem support. We have NO problem with this but as we are in the UK with NO cable modems (slight problem here - can anyone spot it :) ) we can't help you. We want three people US based to work as a team to help us add Cable Modem support.

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-09-18

SmoothWall GPL 0.9.4 Released

We have signed off the 0.9.4 ISO image.

Additions to the 0.9.2 offering include:
Autoprobing for over 40 different ethernet cards
Streamlined installer
Apache tweaks allowing faster operation on low specification 486 clients
VI has been included for all those who wanted it
We have also added a baud rate admin tool and "hardened" the already secure firewalling capabilties inherent in the distribution.... read more

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-09-18

SmoothWall GPL 0.9.2 Released

You'll be pleased to see that the 0.9.2 image is now uploaded. We are also into production with the "Press Kits" of Jewel CD's with produced insterts and CD Labels, Jon and Tom are working on the FAQ and documentation for distribution to all our documentation guys who've so kindly volunteered to assist us. They should by now have had a welcome message and a PDF file with Septembers newsletter.... read more

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-09-09

Translation Team Grows and News...

Guys, well done...

The translation team now covers the following language base...


We need French and Italian and then we're home dry..

We are getting press attention too and the release of 0.9.2 with DHCP server, the bug fix and the DNS Netscape tweak it all looks good...

Newsletter will be posted to you all in next 24 hrs in PDF format.

Thanks again

Richard Morrell

Posted by Richard Morrell 2000-09-07

Fix for bugette in 0.9.1

Problem with /tmp dir perms. Please login to smoothwall and do:

chmod 1777 /tmp

To fix. This was affecting setting passwords from the web admin page.

Posted by Lawrence Manning 2000-09-04

SmoothWall GPL 0.9.1 Released

Hurrah! Now with bootable CD image. Check releasenotes for info on whats new and whats been fixed, etc.

(Incidently, this is an identical image to what Mr Morrell has been handing out on CD)

Posted by Lawrence Manning 2000-09-02

SmoothWall GPL 0.9 Released

I uploaded all the files needed to try Smoothie out. Read the release notes before downloading anything. Have fun.

Posted by Lawrence Manning 2000-08-30


If you want to help with SmoothWall, feel free to drop me a note. The first (mostly complete) version will be available soon. See the jobs section if you think you can help!

Posted by Lawrence Manning 2000-08-28