SmoothWall GPL 2.0 beta4 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of SmoothWall GPL 2.0 beta 4, codename "Mallard".

After the successful releases of betas 1 ('metro') and 2 ('bullet'), beta 4 includes major updates to the networking capabilities of SmoothWall GPL. Lawrence has slaved over a hot keyboard, and melted many a modem to improve the support for the U.S. Robotics SureConnect USB ADSL modem, and also USB ADSL modems based on the ECI chipset, such as the Fujitsu FDX310. Feedback is especially sought for ECI-based modems, so if you connect using one, please let us know, whether you have successful connections or not! Users with the new-style USB Home Highway ISDN connections from BT will now be able to connect their USB-enabled SmoothWall GPL 2.0 directly to the wall socket, thanks to the sterling work of Alan Hourihane.

Beta 4 includes fixes for some of the larger bugs found in Beta 1 and 2.

For more information, and download links, please visit the beta area at

Posted by William Anderson 2003-01-23

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