Bug report for 0.9.4 (and fixes!)

Okay... Found 2 bugs yesterday.

Bug 1: This is the dreaded "can't boot smoothie" problem a few people have seen. It seems I underestimated the buggy/crappy nature of some PC bioses. The SmoothWall install puts LILO in the MBR. Hence the "activeness" of partitions on the disk are irrelevant, since LILO takes care of booting. None the less, some BIOSes are stupid enough to "guess ahead" of this and when it sees no active partitions it assumes that there is nothing to boot. This is so stupid I will probably make the swap partition the active one in the next version, just because it makes no sense but will make the thing bootable.

In the mean time, you can fix the boot problem by using a linux boot disk and setting either partition active. A DOS disk could maybe also be used to do this, but since I binned all of mine...

Bug 2: is all my fault. Some sloppy programming in /etc/ppp/ppp-off prevents the line from being downed if you are using COM3 or COM4. It seems I didn't update this file when I added COM3/4 support in 0.9.2. Obvisouly nobody actually uses these COM ports on their modems or I would have heard about this problem...

The solution is to change the line which checks the COMPORT setting to the following:

if ($pppsettings{'COMPORT'} =~ /^ttyS[0-3]/)

Posted by Lawrence Manning 2000-09-24

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