Warnings on invalid casts

  • Holger

    Holger - 2005-01-02


    I'm creating a new theme using the pixmap and the smooth engine. When I try to load the theme I get a lot of warnings like: " GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from `PixbufRcStyle' to `SmoothRcStyle' "
    The theme loads fine and works, but I wonder if I'm doing anything wrong. I am not mixing both engines inside one style.

    • Andrew Johnson

      Andrew Johnson - 2005-01-03

      I have seen this before, and I do not believe the problem actualy arises in Smooth itself, or even pixmap, but rather in GTK+.

      It happens when a default style with one engine is applied to a base widget class, and another style with a different engine is applied to a descended widget, for eg Pixmap applied to GtkButton, and Smooth applied to GtkToggleButton.

      You might consider applying Pixmap engine in styles only to the specific widgets you need it for to avoid the warnings if possible.


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