#19 smolder_test fails (svn r747)


Running smolder_test fails with errors of the type:

t/aaa_dbcount..........failed to open file: tmp/dbcount.txt. Error was: Permission denied at t/aaa_dbcount.t line 12.

This is running the tests using "sudo bin/smolder_test". The archive was unpacked by another user, and the tmp directory had the permissions 755 and was not writable for the smolder user. I fixed this by setting the permissions to 777. Also I had to chown the data/smolder.sqlite to be owned by the smolder user and the data directory also to 777.

After that, only one test failure remained:

ok 1 - use Smolder::DB::Preference;
Can't insert new Smolder::DB::Preference: DBD::SQLite::st execute failed: unable to open database file(1) at dbdimp.c line 398 [for Statement "INSERT INTO preference (email_type, email_freq)
VALUES (?, ?)
"] at /mnt/redhat-root/home/slavenr/work2/smolder/lib/DBIx/ContextualFetch.pm line 52.
at t/db-pref.t line 17

Even when looking at the test run with strace I don't have a clue what is causing the failure here.


  • Michael Peters

    Michael Peters - 2008-07-05

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    Originator: NO

    Why did you run the tests with "sudo"? That's going to cause all kinds of problems with permissions. I'd chown the whole directory to your smolder user and group and drop the "sudo" and try again.

  • Michael Peters

    Michael Peters - 2008-07-05
    • status: open --> closed
  • Slaven Rezic

    Slaven Rezic - 2008-07-07

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    With the current version, if I try to run smolder_test as a normal unprivileged user, the error

    Failed to become User 'smolder' : Operation not permitted
    Maybe you need to start this process as root.

    occurs. So I am assuming that it's necessary to run this as sudo.

    If chown'ing of the smolder folder is necessary, then this should be documented in docs/install.pod.



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