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Special Release smith_project_v1.01a released

v1.01a is a "special" release that doesn't have any additional functionality related to the core AI aglorithms. New things include a particle system and GLSL shaders. The particle system is a simple Euler approximated particle system that has particles attracted to each other by gravitational force (gravity constant is 1.0) in a simulated vacuum. Collisions are non-elastic.

Posted by Brian Song 2006-04-26

POSIX Pthreads for Neural Network Training

In the 1.01 release of the smith project, POSIX pthreads have been utilised to help the neural network (of each agent) train "better". At the moment, performance boost is not noticeable because the training set and network size is small. Basically, the main thread now will not block while waiting for the network to train.

Posted by Brian Song 2006-04-17

Project Submitted

Well, my undergraduate engineering thesis has been submitted to sourceforge.net and that's the latest and greatest news. I'm modifying the 1.32b release of the Quake III engine source to extend the concepts of this project into a commercial game.

Posted by Brian Song 2006-03-18