SMC v. 6.0.1: Minor Changes

SMC v. 6.0.1

SMC - The State Machine Compiler v. 6.0.1

Major changes:


Minor changes:

%access keyword to specify the generated class access level.
Used with -java only.
(SF feature 2797126)

Added %fsmclass keyword which allows the generated FSM
classes to have a name other than the default
<app class>Context. This feature allows an application class
to reference multiple finite state machines.
(SF feature 2718941)

(C#, Groovy, Java, Lua, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Tcl and VB.Net)
Added "getStates" method for retrieving the finite state
machine's states.
(SF feature 2718892, 1734959)

Enhance debugging output by adding command line options -g0
and -g1 which provide ever greater debug output. -g is the
same as -g0. -g0 reports the exiting and entering a state,
entering and exiting a transtion. -g1 reports exit and entry
action execution.
(SF feature 2718885)

(C#, VB.Net)
Added -generic support to these languages.
(SF feature 2903263)

Bug Fixes:

Corrected generated code errors.
(SF bug 1944542, 1983929 and 2811803)

statemap.php had an assignment in a test condition instead of
equality operator.
(SF bug 2731415)

Strings using both single and double quotes are handled
(SF bug 2792686)

Errors due to lower case state names corrected.
(SF bug 2803547)

Serializing the FSM property change listeners is corrected.
(SF bug 2827906)

The problem occurring when raising the
StateUndefinedException is now fixed.
(SF bug 2845447)

Compiler warnings are now output even when there are no
(SF bug 2857745)

Normalized the use of emptyStateStack.
(SF bug 2873533)


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the discussion and bug forums. Note: you must be
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Posted by Charles Rapp 2009-12-18

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