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New in 0.0.1
 - initial release

New in 0.0.2
 - now the "mountpoint/workgroup/computer" is the symlink to 
   "mountpoint/computer". This make the internal achitecture much simple.

New in 0.0.3
 - general redesign and cleanup

New in 0.0.4
 - rewrite a scanning of network tree, this fix various bug with refresh
   of workgroup/computer lists.
 - improve program behavior on network with buggy master browser.
 - improve error handling
 - some memory leak fixed

New in 0.0.9a
 - more bug fix
 - switch to context based work with samba (this fix a problem with
   simultaneous access to share)
 - added maximum samba context parameter

New in 0.0.9b
 - improove copy files speed
 - the work with smbc_context is optimized
 - rewrited workgroup update

New in 0.1.0-pre1
 - project name was changed to SMBNetFs
 - first public release
 - rename project to avoid conflict with smbfs kernel module
 - config file added
 - max_read mount option can be avoid now

New in 0.1.0-pre2
 - remove QUERY_TYPE parameter to conform with smbclient-3.0.13
 - fix stupid bug in charset conversion function

New in 0.1.0-pre3
 - some bug fixed
 - use fuse-2.3-pre4

New in 0.2.0-pre1
 - added static group/host/link
 - some bug fixed
 - internal data storage rewrited

New in 0.2.0-pre2
 - fixed readdir bug (shares after IPC$ was not shown)

New in 0.2.0-pre3
 - Samba host/link/group storage redesigned
 - Config file rereaded only if config file changed

New in 0.2.0-pre4
 - fixed bug in in samba host/link/group storage
 - remember the contents of not auto-scanned group work again
 - the long pause bug in films is partly fixed.

New in 0.2.0-pre5
 - fixed bug with user defined link

New in 0.2.0-pre6
 - fixed bug caused by dirent with empty name  

New in 0.2.0-rc1
 - use automake/autoconf for project building
 - redesign samba context storage.
 - fix a bug with network shares that have one user limit
 - improove the starting of AutoRefresh and ConfigUpdate threads
 - added new thread to preserve samba connection alive
 - config file now readed before AutoRefresh thread starting.
 - memory allocation/deallocation tuning

New in 0.2.0-rc2
 - truncate function was slightly improoved

New in 0.2.0
 - log file option now work properly
 - range for memory allocation parameter changed

New in 0.2.1
 - large internal redesign to reduce the number of malloc/free calls
 - new config paramaters: auth(replace username/password), netbios_name,
   smb_open_files_max, buf_count_max
 - samba-3.0.20 support
 - better support of windows domains

New in 0.2.2
 - reimplement arrays throw the list of buffers
 - remove annoying message in create/destroy buffer functions.
 - new config paramaters: array_slice_max
 - store information about original filename if conversion error occur
 - improve samba context storage.

New in 0.3.0
 - amd64 fixes
 - removed memory tuning from program and config file
 - configuration file was renamed to "smbnetfs.conf" and moved to "~/.smb" dir
 - configutation files can be included one to other
 - configuration files rereaded every 5 min or by SIGHUP signal
 - full support of "auth" directive in configuration file. now you can
   specify different user/password to access different computer/share.
 - possibility to hide/display shares with $ at end added.

New in 0.3.1
 - code optimization
 - some minor bugs was fixed
 - konqueror performance improved (see the kde_workaround config option)
 - debug information levels was implemented
 - documentation updated

New in 0.3.2
 - better iconv support
 - better character conversion code
 - fuse-2.5 compatible
 - FreeBSD 6.0 compatible
 - New config option: unsafe_truncate (see the description in the default
   config file)

New in 0.3.3
 - rewind() problem fixed (reported by Andre Jonsson)
 - fix stupid error in auth module
 - some other error was fixed

New in 0.3.4
 - critical bug in context refresh related code was fixed
 - bug in context refresh code was fixed
 - tiny code improvements

New in 0.3.5
 - seious bug in auth module was fixed

New in 0.3.6
 - Kerberos support
 - logging backtrace on crash (linux only)

New in 0.3.7
 - better LIST and SmbCtx implementation
 - improve samba/locale conversion
 - bugfixes

New in 0.3.8
 - better signal support
 - remove "$" from function and variables name (should fix ARM compilation)
 - use the same context for computer and its shares
 - fix for bug 1629651 (Bad mtime in created files)
 - fix for critical bug in auth module (affect SMBNetFS-0.3.7 only)
 - umount filesystem properly on unrecoverable error
 - new config option: free_space_blocks (should fix nautilus free space problem)
 - small improvement & bugfixes

New in 0.3.9
  - new config option: fast_shutdown (smbnetfs should die without delay on umount)

New in 0.3.10
  - fix bug in samba/locale conversion appeared in smbnetfs-0.3.7

New in 0.3.11
  - minor memory leak was fixed
  - recovering after read/write error was improved
  - preparing to utf-8 migration

New in 0.3.12
  - drop old libfuse support (libfuse >= 2.5 is required)
  - drop old libsmbclient support (libsmbclient >= 3.0.20 is required)
  - update documentation
  - added setxattr(), getxattr(), listxattr(), removexattr()
  - fix difference in behavior between unix/libsmbclient implementation of
    rename() and unlink() syscalls
  - workaround for '@', '%', '/' and '\' symbols in filenames
  - fix a linked list coruption on read/write error
  - much small bugfixes

New in 0.3.13
  - samba 3.2.0 support
  - safe truncate() support (samba >= 3.2.0 is required)
  - 'array_slice_max', 'buf_count_max' and  'netbios_name' config parameters
    were removed
  - small refactoring
  - bug fixes

New in 0.5.0 (babushka)
  - almost all code was revised
  - samba >= 3.2 does not crash SMBNetFS anymore
  - isolation of libsmbclient from the rest of SMBNetFS code (increase stability)
  - rewrite of samba tree storage and authorization code (becomes faster)
  - default password for the all hosts from some workgroup is supported now
  - safe truncate() support (samba >= 3.2.0 is required)
  - it's now possible to pass options in command line
  - it's now possible to use alternate config file location
  - bug fixes

New in 0.5.1 (babushka)
  - support of FreeBSD >= 6.0 (tested on FreeBSD-7.1)
  - support of Linux-2.4 (not tested)
  - libsmbclient >= 3.2 is strongly recommended
  - more correct and verbose libsmbclient version check
  - fix bug in libsmbclient-3.0 initialization
  - fix overriding of command line options with the options from config file

New in 0.5.2 (babushka)
  - fixed SIGSEGV on nondefault log tagret
  - check sigtimedwaid() return code before checking signal status.
  - add SMBNetFS version to the standard doc directory name
  - add printf alike attribute to some functions and minor code reorganization

New in 0.5.3 (babushka)
  - generalize stat() workaround
  - allow passwords reading from gnome-keyring

New in 0.5.3а (babushka)
  - configure.in: allow user to explicitly enable/disable gnome-keyring support
  - make printing of "gnome-keyring is not available" depending on verbosity level