Configure smbnetfs with out gnome-keyring

Prakash M
  • Prakash M

    Prakash M - 2010-09-08


    I am trying to use smbnetfs on my target embedded system.
    SMBnetfs is dependent on gnome-keyring. I really don't want any gnome stuff on my target as it doen't have any user interface.
    Can I configure SMBNetfs, not to use gnome-keyring and still lookup for cifs shares?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mikhail Kshevetskiy

    gnome keyring support is an optional feature. smbnetfs can be compiled without it.

    you can
    1) remove gnome-keyring development files and reconfigure smbnetfs.
    2) configure smbnetfs with "-with-gnome-keyring=no" option (smbnetfs >= 0.5.3a)

  • Prakash M

    Prakash M - 2010-09-09

    Hi kshevetskiy,

    Thank you very much.
    Now I could build and run SMBNetfs package on my target.


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