#30 smbnetfs doesn't show all workgroups

v1.0 (example)

smbnetfs performs a scan looking for the workgroup "WORKGROUP" (shown if you put the debug level at 10) however if you have, as in my case, a workgroup named something else (in my case "HOMENET") it won't show up.
The url /mnt/smbnet/HOMENET/NAS does not work. the url /mnt/smbnet/NAS however does work and I can access the files using the username / password in the .auth file.


  • Mikhail Kshevetskiy

    this mostly depends on configuration of your master browsers.
    Each workgroup has it's own master browser and if one of them can't communicate with other --- you may expect problems. You may find your masterbrowser with command "nmblookup -M -". Then you may issue a command "smbclient -L ip-of-your-master-browser" and see what workgroup your master browser sees and what a master browser in that groups. Then you may repeat the upper command for master browser in other group. If you can't query other master browser or can't sees computers in their group --- looks to configuration of master browsers of WORKGROUP and HOMENET.

  • Mikhail Kshevetskiy

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  • Mikhail Kshevetskiy

    this is samba/windows machines configuration related problem, so nothing to fix


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