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Curious about how Smaug's site uses SourceForge? The Web team has just posted some short docs, detailing how it works. Pick "Hosted Apps", then 'MediaWiki" from the project page's top navigation bar, to browse them.

-- Rick M.

Posted by Rick Moen 2002-01-22 reactivated

Thanks to Eric Cain, the domain registration has been renewed, and now once again is the group's official home page, becoming the preferred form in place of . Also, by consensus of the group at the January 2002 meeting, the group's name will now be considered to be "Smaug", without that being an acronym for anything. We've now changed references to the group's name and URL on the SourceForge pages and mailing list, to reflect these changes.... read more

Posted by Rick Moen 2002-01-15

Smaug site revival work underway

The Smaug admin team (notably David A. Gatwood and Karsten Wade) are cleaning up the site, fixing the content, and generally sprucing up Smaug's on-line presence as part of reviving the group. The group's mailing list ( remains very active, and planning is underway for new meetings starting January 2002, if a suitable venue can be worked out.

Our on-line presence will stay at, for now. The former AKA site has been disabled: We're holding discussions as to whether we want to renew that domain.... read more

Posted by Rick Moen 2001-12-06

SMAUG Leadership handed off

SMAUG, the Santa Cruz Microsoft Alternative User Group's, leadership and maintainer responsibility have been handed off to Rick Moen, Linda DeQuatro, and Raphael Dorado.

Posted by Jacob M Hunter 2001-02-07

SourceForge and VA Linux's support appreciated

SMAUG, a Santa Cruz, CA Linux user group, wishes to thank SourceForge and Robert Flemming of VA Linux, in their support of SMAUG's Web site,

Special thanks should also be extended to Uriah Welcome, Rick Moen, Joe Arruda, Raster, and Mandrake.

Posted by Jacob M Hunter 2000-12-19

Santa Cruz LUG hosts Mandrake and Raster at next meeting

Mandrake and Rasterman, the developers of Enlightenment, will speak about their project, Enlightenment, at our next meeting on Monday, December 4, 2000 at 6:30 PM. We will be giving away a VMWare license and lots of other stuff.

Directions to SCO, where the meeting is hosted, are at

Don't Miss Mandrake and Rasterman speaking about E!

Posted by Jacob M Hunter 2000-11-27

Linux User Group in search of Linux in Santa Cruz

SMAUG ( is looking to invite you to its user group meeting on Monday, December 4, 2000, 6:30 PM, at SCO in Santa Cruz. We heard from Joe Arruda and Rick Moen, last month. On December 4th, Mandrake and Raster of the Enlightenment project will be speaking. If you are an Open Source developer and are interested in speaking about your project to SMAUG, please go to our Web site (, join the discussion list, and tell us about yourself.

Posted by Jacob M Hunter 2000-11-17

SMAUG had an excellent first meeting, with better to come

On November 6, 2000, Joe Arruda and Rick Moen spoke at the first SMAUG meeting, at SCO in Santa Cruz. SMAUG ( had good turn out and great discussion. We are moving to a bigger conference room at SCO, and will be having Mandrake and Raster speak at next month's meeting on December 4, 2000, 6:30pm at SCO's Conference Center in Santa Cruz (399 Encinal Street).

Posted by Jacob M Hunter 2000-11-08

All our domains are almost up

Almost all of our domains are up thanks to admin "precision", who configured SourceForge to answer to our domains. However, currently,,,,, and are responding to the system. I hope that by tommorow I can get all the www.* hostnames up....


We will have this up by our meeting on Monday!... read more

Posted by Jacob M Hunter 2000-11-03

SMAUG Web site

We made quite a bit of progress over the weekend! The SMAUG Web site (of course not the final) should be up on all domains except for by tommorow. We are still working with NSI to get to point to the VA Linux DNS.

Also all e-mail sent to will now be accepted.


Posted by Jacob M Hunter 2000-10-30

Working with VA Linux to get SMAUG up

FROM: Jacob Hunter

We are currently working with VA Linux and SourceForge to get the SMAUG domains up (,, and\). The Web site is currently located at We are working quickly to get this up, and we should have made considerable progress by Monday. Adam Morales and I are meeting this weekend, to work on it.

Posted by Jacob M Hunter 2000-10-26

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