issues compiling smasher with csound

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-08-07


    I notice that you specifically request 64 bit versions of csound, this is going to cause issues on 32 bit platforms such as my self. Or am i missing something ?

    • gnschmidt

      gnschmidt - 2009-08-07

      Hi Chris, fortunately not :-) libcsound64 is in fact a 32-bit library.

      The 64 bit setting refers only to the level of precision used by Csound. At compile time the Csound type MYFLT can be set to float (32 bit) or double (64 bit) precision. (If your distro doesn't package Csound you will need to build the 64 bit version, but it's a separate download. Look out for the 'd' in the library name; it stands for double.)

      Smasher uses double precision throughout, so the 64 bit precision library was a natural choice. (It's also the one packaged by most Linux distros. The single-precision version is mostly used for real-time audio applications where minimum latency is key.)


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2009-08-13

      I don't run Linux, I run FreeBSD. But i'll see what I can do.


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