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SmartWin++ / News: Recent posts

Help support the law suite against Gaiaware

Gaiaware - the company behind Gaia Ajax Widgets wants to sue me due to creating LGPL licensed Ajax libraries for .Net since they think that is a threat to their business model. Help support the case by donating to the law suite fund by clicking the link here; and go to the page.

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2008-11-04

SmartWin 2.0 RC2 Release

The 2.0 RC2 version of SmartWin is out. It's a bugfix release solving a bug with modal dialogs, which would close the app when closing a modal dialog created from another modal dialog.

Also, I've updated the online docs which I forgot to in the last release. But remember that the docs are also included in the release in a neat chm help file :)

Posted by Conrado PLG 2006-08-20

SmartWin 2.0 RC1 Release

The 2.0 RC1 version of SmartWin is out! Check the changelog for many bugfixes and some nice features added.

We need your feedback, so please stop by the forums and tell us what you want on SmartWin :)

Posted by Conrado PLG 2006-07-23

SmartWin 2.0 BETA Release!

There is now a beta release of the 2.0 version downloadable from the sourceforge servers.
Among new stuff is the SmartSOAP which is a SOAP extension to SmartWin but can be used independantly of the core SmartWin library.
There's a ton of bugfixes and several new features.
To name them all would take just too much space so read the changelog if you're interested in more specific details!
Anyway, it's out, it's hot and it's a SmartWinner! :)... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2006-03-22


We're currently working on an extension to SmartWin which will contain network classes, HTTP classes, an XML parser and a SoapRequest/Response class type from which we can call WebServices from within a SmartWin application.
This library will be 100% selfcontained and not dependant upon SmartWin in any way (or vice versa) so this library will become an OPTION.
The reason I started building this is beacause I was fed up with all the SOAP libraries that had en extreme C'ish syntax or overused COM in ways I never imagined.
As to my knowledge this is gonna be the first low overhead "true" C++ SOAP library capable of running on e.g. Windows Mobile solutions...
Though there'll probably be now WSDL autoparsing stuff in the first release...... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2006-03-19

New domain address!!

SmartWin++ has now got its OWN domain address!! :)
Since was taken we had to settle for though...
We tried to get a hold of the owner of the and we were actually willing to PAY him for that domain, but we never got a reply...
We even tried to PHONE the guy (in India) but it appeared to be a bogus number, so he is probably a domain harvester (though they do claim to work with some kind of "gambling" stuff...)... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-12-14

A brand new Widget and Open GL sample!

WidgetChooseFolder is now a part of the CVS thanx to flix01 (username at
I think many SW users will be pleased to get yet another tool in their SmartWin utility belt!

In addition we've made som (very basic) Open GL samples which uses SmartWin.
SmartWin does NOT contain any Open GL helper classes at the moment but since it builds on top of Windows API you can use Open GL as easy as you can use Open GL in the native Windows API.... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-12-10

Andrew, my new best friend... ;)

Andrew just made it onto my "people I like more then my right foot list"... ;)
Reason; he has succesfully managed to compile and run the library and the HelloSmartWinWorld sample application on a Linux box utilizing WineLib!! :)
This is GREAT news!!
We will therefore probably focus alot more on getting our WineLib port and this will probably be an officially supported platform from version 2.x and onwards!!
So find your "Ubuntu Utility Belt" and buckle up for some serious SmartWinning!!... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-11-12

Project ranked as the 47th most active project!!

We're climbing upwards here on a daily basis, alot has probably to do with the fact that we have just changed our license to a BSD type of license and made a new release but this is GREAT news for us developers behind SmartWin++!
Imagine what would happen if we reached the 10th most active project position or something!! :)
(Hint; billion of web pages would be linking to the project... ;)

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-10-29

SmartWin++ ranked as the 64'th most active project at

Congrats everybody, today we had an activity percentage of 99.96 percent and we we're ranked as the 64'th most active project on Sourceforge!!
That's pretty impressive for a C++ GUI library!
A couple of more percentages and we're gonna start competing with the consumer projects such as peer to peer software!!

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-10-27

BSD license!!

SmartWin++ is now BSD licensed as from version 1.0.2!
All developers and contributers have given their approval of the license change which means that this is a 100% legitim change of the license terms!
So now there should be no more lawyer obstacles preventing you to grasp your copy and start SmartWinning!!

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-10-25

License change to BSD!!

SmartWin++ is now converting its license from the GPL derived license to a pure BSD from tomorrow!
This means there will be no more "lawyer mumbo jumbo" to read through when deciding upon using SmartWin++ or not!
I think this is great news for all SmartWin++ developers!

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-10-24

99.9x!! :)

For the first time in SmartWin++ history we've managed to reach 99.90% activity on Sourceforge!
This is great news and an indication that people really takes notice in the library and all the effort we've done to create a good Windows GUI library!
Thank you to all that have been downloading and using the library and thank you to all the developers on board the team that has made this possible!
We've even been as low as into the 130 most popular projects on!
That's quite an effort when you consider that there's more then 120 000 projects on!... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-10-14

1.0.1 version released!

We've released version 1.0.1 were we have fixed some minor bugs in SmartWin++.
This is a "non-critical" release but if you're experiencing compiling problems with e.g. onSetText Event Handler (which btw now is renamed to onTextChanging) or you're handling the WidgetCheckBox::onDblClick Event (which also would give you compiler problems) you can download this release to fix those bugs.

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-10-07

1.0.0 is now OUT!!

The 1.0.0 version is now RELEASED!
The library is now therefore officially in the 1.0 world and officially "stable" and "mature"!
Happy SmartWinning folks!

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-09-28

1.0 Release version due! of October we will release the 1.0 version of SmartWin!
This version will have virtually TONS of new features and bugfixes!
In addition it will be 100% Pocket PC / Windows CE compatible.
At the time of this writing we're all working like busy bees on the release version!

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-08-25

Wiki Available

The SmartWin++ Wiki is now available here:

It took a while since I was attempting to skin it to look like the new site. However, things got pretty ugly - literally and metaphorically - so I gave up. The main skin should be good.

Now get to submitting content! There is nothing on there right now ;)

-- Jared

Posted by Jared 2005-08-09


A GREEEAT new Menu Widget from Sergey which is owner drawed with rich rendering and great capabilities!
It's not even yet in the CVS but will be added up within some few days!
I got the code to this one this morning and it looks GREEEAAT!!
It's got advanced rendering capabilities and will get in time support for adding up icons to menu items plus support for manipulating the background color and front color plus probably settting the font of the menu items etc!! :)
Not to mention since it's owner drawed we will toss in an event handler for rendering the menu 100% yourself if you're not happy with "out of the box" flexibility!
SmartWin++ life is good now a days!! :)... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-08-01

New Website!

Great new look, same chocolatey taste!

That's right! The SmartWin++ project has a new website (in the same old location: ). We've changed everything around so hopefully the site is not only faster, but easier to read and navigate.

Please give us your feedback in our new website forum here:

We welcome your comments, questions, errata, suggestions, anything! We want to make it more accessible to YOU.... read more

Posted by Jared 2005-07-08

Window CE support in SmartWin!

Many will be happy to know that we have currenttly started working on Windows CE support in SmartWin++
From the next release it will be possible to create Windows CE applications in Visual C++ 2005. (Beta 2, Whidbey)
We're currently working on porting both library code and sample applications, though not all samples will (or can) be ported.
This comes in addition to the (hopefully) Wine port we're also working on at the moment...
This means we've got two new platforms (maybe) in our next release!
:D... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-06-06

Layout System!

SmartWin now has it's own Layout System thanx to Andrew meaning you can get automatic resizing capabilities and don't have to do all that booring math yourself when someone resize your widget!
It's still only in the CVS but will hit a download area near you soon...
To see it in action look at e.g. WidgetModalDialog or AddressBook sample application.


Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-05-29

Two new widgets!

There are now (in CVS) two new widgets, one called WidgetChooseFont and another called WidgetChooseColor which will probably be a part of the 1.0 release!
We will also try to add up more of the common control widgets before we release the 1.0 version.

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-05-29

SmartWin++ on Linux!

For those xNix people out there I'm happy to announce that we are trying to (thanx to WineLib) port SmartWin++ these days to Linux!
WineLib is a Windows API implementation for Linux meaning users can when finished (if possible, we don't know for 100% yet) actually use SmartWin++ when developing applications for Linux!

Who would have thought that a year ago...
SmartWin++ on xNix!


Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-05-24

GCC/MingW support FINISHED!

In the latest download (which btw, is an AWESOME release with virtually THOUSANDS of new features and changes) we have succesfully managed to compile ALL samples but one (there are more then 30 samples) in MingW/gcc 3.4.2 (bundled with Bloodshed Dev++ version
Out of those that compiles there are only 2 applications which don't run!
So I think it's fair to say that we now have GCC/MingW support!
Pop the Champaigne!... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-05-06

GCC/MingW support!!

The library is now ported to GCC/MingW at least more or less...
I've managed to compile the latest CVS version with Dev-Cpp and also I've managed to compile and run three of the sample applications.
WidgetWindow, WidgetWindowSubclassed and WidgetFun is now compiling with their respective ".dev" files which are included in the CVS...
You'll probably though have to rearrange the paths in that file since you're not very likely to have neither SmartWin nor Dev-Cpp installed in the same directory as I have...
Have fun!... read more

Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-05-02