1) Right click on each project, Properties,  “Common Properties”, Add New Reference, and then choose SmartWin.
After you do that, VC++ must rebuild SmartWin before building the other projects.
2) Did you try using “winresrc.h” instead ?
best regards, Andrew
From: asif saeed
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 11:03 AM
Subject: [SmartWin-General] SmartWinUnitTests DELETE the built Lib

Somehow clean building SmartWinUnitTests.sln deletes The SmartWinD.lib that I build prior to that. Any idea as to how this can be rectified?

Best regards, Asif

Build for tests such as WidgetToolbar, WidgetStatusBar, WidgetCheckbox, etc. fails because of dependency on afxres.h. Including appropriate MFC directory results in a successful build. Can this MFC dependency be removed? I have downloaded and using ResEdit - a free resource editor - I hope this can be of use to others on the this list as well.

Best regards, Asif

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