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  • Charles Brockman

    Search engines such as Google place great importance on the titles of Web pages. In order to increase the visibility of the library, I suggest modifying the titles of the http://smartwin.sourceforge.net/ pages.

    On the home page, index.php,
    <title>::Smartwin++</title> might be changed to
    <title>SmartWin++: THE Template-Based Windows API GUI Library</title>

    The leading colons should be removed.  Many readers will want to bookmark select pages and then alphabetize the bookmarks.  The colons mess up the alphabetization.  When searching for "SmartWin++" they'll start looking at the letter S.  It's not there; it's at the other end of the alphabet.  Removing the colons will save the reader from editing all the bookmarks.

    Also to facilitate easy bookmarking, each page should have a unique title.  Now the titles of the other pages on the site are identical to the home page.  I suggest
    <title>SmartWin++: Support Forums</title>
    <title>SmartWin++: Getting Started</title>
    <title>SmartWin++: Code Sample</title>
    <title>SmartWin++: FAQ</title>
    <title>SmartWin++: Justification</title>
    <title>SmartWin++: Team</title>
    and so on.

    • Jared

      Jared - 2005-08-01

      Thanks for the EXCELLENT suggestion. I should be able to implement this pretty easily.

      Not sure why I didn't do this in the first place... ;)

    • Jared

      Jared - 2005-08-01

      This has been implemented.


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