CVS Update Causing Problems

  • Jared

    Jared - 2005-08-16

    To whomever did a CVS update, it looks like you overwrote the htdocs folder. This is causing a permissions issue - the news.html and news.rss files need to be written but the aforementioned folder permissions are preventing this, despite the files being CHMOD'd to 777.

    • Thomas Hansen

      Thomas Hansen - 2005-08-16

      That would probably be me !!  :(
      What did I exactly do wrong and how can we fix this??


    • Jared

      Jared - 2005-08-16

      Okay, not 100% sure that it is your fault anymore Thomas. Sorry to jump the gun there.

      Looking through the SF docs it states that the web area is supposed to be non-writable. It worked before and then stopped working - whether that is due to SF staff messing with the server or from one of us, I've fixed it the way the docs say it should be.

      Instead of the written files (news.html, news.rss) in our htdocs folder, I've moved them to the /tmp/persistent directory. If the files get deleted or anything they will be re-generated on the fly.


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