SmartWin++ and Smartwin++ in home page

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    To capitalize 'W' or not capitalize...that is the question.  Whichever you decide, its probably best to go for consistency--especially on the home page.

    By the way, in terms of style & appearance I think the home page looks really nice compared to 99% of other projects.  Good work.

    • Jared

      Jared - 2005-10-28

      Thoughts guys? It should be pretty easy to make these fixes, but I need to know which way to do it!

      And to the anonymous poster, thanks for the compliments!!! :D

      • Thomas Hansen

        Thomas Hansen - 2005-10-28

        I've already done them, all I could find was Smartwin (small 'w') in one of the tutorials, all other places it was written with SmartWin (capitalized 'W')...
        I searched both the wiki and the website...

        SmartWin with capitalized W is the name...  :)


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hehe, the giant image on the homepage says "Smartwin 1.0" so its missing ++ and capital "W".

      Other images appear to need updating.



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