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  • Charles Brockman

    I suggest that a link in support.php be changed. The HTML code is now:
    "...or post in our <a href="">support forum</a>!"

    If a change is made to:
    "...or post in our <a href="">Support Forums</a>."
    users will be directed to the Web page showing all three support forums rather than to the Open Discussion subsection page. I think many of the postings in that page should really be in the Help forum.  Many users of Open Discussion may not even know of the existence of the Help subsection.

    In a similar vein, I think the reference should be changed on the about.php page.
    "Also if you have suggestions for changes in the library, please let me know by sending me an <a href="">email</a> or tossing in a message at the
    <a href="">forums</a> found at sourceforge for this project.<br>"
    might become
    If you have suggestions for changes to the library, toss in a message at the
    <a href="">forums</a> found at SourceForge.<br>

    Perhaps there should be a new "Request A Feature or Enhancement" forum.

    On the getting_started.php page, a link should be added.
    "...please post in our support forum."
    could be
    "...please post in our <a href="">support forums</a>."


    • Thomas Hansen

      Thomas Hansen - 2005-08-12

      I agree on some of those suggestions, though it has been difficult to do something about before today since website wasn't in CVS (but now it is ;) Great Jared!!)

      Though the support forum is kind of like "the toothpaste is out of the bottle" problem since most support requests exists in the "Open Forum" allready and it's difficult to search in more then one forum...
      So I think the preferred support mechanism is difficult to do something about...  (or??)

      Btw, Wiki is up and I'm writing articles at the speed of light!!      :DDDD    (GREAT Jared!!!!!!!! )


    • Charles Brockman

      I think it would be better to make the changes now rather than live with the commingling of the forum topics forever.  Eventually the present misclassifications will not matter and all future entries will more likely find their way to the correct area.

      Upon further consideration I think there's a better option for the hrefs I mentioned earlier. Instead of sending users to the forums directory page (, make the references point to the project page (  As the users scroll down the page looking for Public Forums, they'll also see several entries under Tracker which may more closely fit their needs.  There will be a lower chance of a bug report ending up in the Open Discussion forum if they spot the Bugs link in the Tracker.  Someone with a brilliant suggestion will come to the Feature Requests and TODO links and look there rather than clutter up the Open Discussion forum.

      Furthermore I would add descriptive notes to the directory page.  The current "Report SmartWin++ site errors and enhancement requests" under Website is fine.  How about "Request assistance with library implementation" under Help and "General comments - no bug reports or feature requests" under Open Discussion?

      Perhaps some sections should be shut down to reduce the confusion.  What is the distinction between Support Requests in the Tracker and the Help section of the Public Forums?  Should the TODO tracker be folded into Feature Requests?  (You could indicate an accepted but not-yet-implemented feature by changing the status of the request to Pending.  If there is some reason not to implement a particular request, you could note that and change the status to Declined, for instance. SourceForge has also kindly  provided programmable Category and Group fields.)


      • Thomas Hansen

        Thomas Hansen - 2005-08-15

        I am not sure (I tried) if it's possible to add descriptive notes to forums which are "non custom"...

        Regarding the other issues you're probably right, maybe have two buttons on the main website, one for "help" forums and another one for "general" forums...??


        • Charles Brockman

          The goal should be to make the choice of where to post an item obvious and easy.  The process will succeed if bug reports, help requests, feature request etc. end up where they are most logically dealt with by the administrators.  It appears that you can't move an item among forums, for instance, although the request to add that feature is pending with the SourceForge team.  It's best to get things in the right bucket the first time around.

    • Jared

      Jared - 2005-08-16

      I pointed the links to the main forum page. I also added some descriptions of the forums.


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