XP style widgets - howto?

  • Jeroen

    Jeroen - 2009-08-20

    By default the widgets look like windows classic style. I would like them to be XP style. I read a post on this, suggesting to add some code to Application.cpp concerning common controls v But I don't understand what to do exactly.

    Could anyone explain in a bit more detail what to do to get the widgets rendered XP style?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Sebastian Ledesma


      Have you tried OWLNext? https://sourceforge.net/projects/owlnext/
      It supports XP themes, Unicode, Activex, OLE and other cool features.

      Best regards

  • while(true){}

    while(true){} - 2010-01-22

    Download ResEdit, create a new rc-file.
    create a manifest.
    Add the rc-file to the project.

    You'll have visual styles…


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