[ANN] Sally - A Simple C++ IDE 1.1 May 2007

  • Flix

    Flix - 2007-05-13

    There's a new release.

    It works with SmartWin++ RC2 and with the SmartWin++ "current" CVS.


    • UIT

      UIT - 2007-05-14

      it's on .net!
      why not SmartWin++?

      • Flix

        Flix - 2007-05-14

        Simply because .Net is much more easier (and better) for making and mantaining an IDE with a Form Designer and an image editor...
        IMO this is (by far) the most logical, simple and efficient solution.

    • UIT

      UIT - 2007-05-14

      but is not efficient for end user,they have to install .net,for compatibility:some times they need .net1.1,.net2.0,and maybe .net3.0.
      why we have to suffer from such a resource consumption monster.why we voluntary help MS to broadcast.

    • Flix

      Flix - 2007-05-15

      You're right, but you see... I started developing Sally two years ago for my personal use, and I added the Form Designer for SmartWin++ because I throught it could have been some kind of "native" alternative to .Net "System.Windows.Forms" namespace. So, in some way, I deliberately wanted a ".Net style" Form Designer.

      I must admit that I'm not a very good programmer: in plain C++ I could not develop such a program. That's why it's on .Net.

      BTW. I think that .Net is a very good and efficient (in terms of development time) programming resource.


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