Hello Christian,


I can understand why you want everything kept on Linux, i'm a Linux guy too, and even if i'm also Microsoft certified, i do enjoy Linux especially CentOS which i use to run my private server and site.

I'm also writing docs for CentOS and Zarafa solutions, and share my opensource (and windows) knowledge on my site.

But well, my customers aren't all linux fans. And i basically wrote this installer to quickly install smart monitoring as mass deployment solution. I did only add a GUI as i thought it would be nice for end users.

I'm not used to cross compiling, and well, i appreciate being able to immediatly test my installer on a windows environnment (tested from XP up to Win8).


My last mail wasn't of purpose to ask you to replace your installer with mine and am actually really happy you'll link to my derived work.


I've setup a new page on my site for my project, source code is also online (see bottom of page).

You can find my work here:




I have subscribed to the smartmontools-announce mailing list and will update my installer package with your upstream releases.



Ozy de Jong from badministrateur.com