I have a strange problem with the configuration of smartd.conf under windows.

I've setup smartd as a service, which reads my smartd.conf file containing the following:


DEVICESCAN -H -l selftest -f -s (S/../.././12|L/../.././13) -m <nomailer> -M exec "c:\Progam Files (x86)\smartmontools for Windows\bin\sendmail.cmd"


I cannot start my service (Error: 2) unless i change the exec line to anything without a space character like

DEVICESCAN -H -l selftest -f -s (S/../.././12|L/../.././13) -m <nomailer> -M exec "c:\ProgramFiles(x86)\smartmontoolsforwindows\bin\sendemail.cmd"


I could for sure move sendemail.cmd to root, which would work. But this would be a simple workaround and i'd like to find the clue about this.

I've tried windows escape chars and linux escape chars.

Even this example with a backslash as escape char for the space won't work.

DEVICESCAN -H -l selftest -f -s (S/../.././12|L/../.././13) -m <nomailer> -M exec "c:/ProgramFiles\ (x86)/smartmontoolsforWindows/bin/sendemail.cmd"



As long as there is any space within the -M exec argument, i cannot get smartd service to start.


Any clues please ?



Ozy de Jong.