I was trying to run these, and ran into some problems:
1. Support for /dev/hda and /dev/sda (or /dev/h* and /dev/s*) is hard-coded.  If one is in the /dev directory and uses hda or sda, the programs will fail silently.  Also, we don't use either: our disk device is /dev/cciss/c0d0 ...
2. Installing RPM deletes files that have nothing to do with the RPM - if the RPM didn't put them there it shouldn't delete them.
3. If there is an initial error in attempting SMART, it should fail cleanly.
4. If there is an error, then the output (Device: etc) doesn't necessarily print one to a line, but stacks on one line in some cases.
5. The RPM spec file doesn't make use of %{_mandir} and %{_sbindir} (though it does use others).
6. Listing the files can be done with wild cards - with man pages for example: %{_mandir}/man8/smartctl*  . This helps in cases where RPM automatically compresses man pages.
7. The man pages are NOT "%doc" material; %docs are put into /usr/share/doc/myproggie-1.0 and so forth...
I patched my version of smartmon to fix most of these; interested?
David Douthitt